Senator Roxas surges in new SWS survey

Senator Mar Roxas is surging in the latest Social Weather Stations survey for the potential candidates of President in 2010.

But despite this "still distant" rank in the survey, his party mates in the Liberal Party are not backing down their support and so do I.

Let's remember this: surveys are not what the entire people say. It's only the opinion of a few. We must not be disheartened by its results if we are lagging behind nor we should be overconfident when we are leading.

But surveys do matter also because after all because they condition the minds of the people. What should we do? For me, it's good if we start gathering warm bodies and tell them about who Mar Roxas is and why he deserves to be our next President. Know more about Mar Roxas and his position on different issues.

In that way, we can be able to continue the surge of our candidate, Mar Roxas!

Senator Roxas and Korina Sanchez: Lovers in Capiz?

Here's the Youtube video of Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez as they were in Capiz to attend the Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association last March 15 courtesy of Mr. Anthony Stephen Acepcion.

Sigh! When will they marry?

Senator Roxas joins Earth Hour

Senator Mar Roxas and the Araneta Center will be joining the Earth Hour tonight in supporting its World Wildlife Fund project Switch that will have the lights out at the whole Araneta Center in Cubao from 8:30 to 9:30 PM tonight. This blogger also would do the same as I and my blog also supports Earth Hour.

Roxas continues to support more environmental projects in order to protect & preserve our natural resources in the Philippines and he encourages us to vote for Earth tonight. Switch that light off this 8:30 to 9:30 PM. It takes 1 hour to make a difference!

If you can drop by Araneta Center, be sure to be there. If you can't (just like me who's in Cebu), just do it in your own place. Switch off that light and be part of history.

Oras Na! VOTE Earth Na!

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Senator Roxas on fellow reformist group Kaya Natin's invitation

Here's the statement which was texted to me by Senator Mar Roxas' communications director Bobby Capco about Roxas' invitation of Kaya Natin, a movement composed of good Filipinos from different sectors of society that aim to espouse genuine change and ethical leadership in our country.
Nagpapasalamat ako sa Kaya Natin! for including me in their array of choices for a reform president. I am willing to engage Kaya Natin! and all other reform groups so we can find ways to unite everyone who believes in the promise of change and a nation of worth which are the real issues in the 2010 elections.

The values and causes we share in the growing reform constituency are much, much larger than any of us. We represent, fight for and share the struggle with the people.

Kaya naman kami sa Partido Liberal ay masigasig na pinupursigi ang pagkakaisa ng lahat ng grupong nagnanais ng tunay na pagbabago sa ating bansa. Natutuwa akong sumama na sa atin ang mga lider at grupo ng civil society at ng mga sektor sa pagpapalakas pa lalo ng kilusang reporma.

Nagtitiwala ako na dahil tunay at taos-puso ang ating pagkakaisa sa adhikain ng pagbabago, makakamit natin sa 2010 ang ating minimithi na lideratong ipapatupad ng walang pasubali ang mga repormang aayos n gating bansa. Hindi ko pababayaan na ‘di natin matupad ang adhikaing magkaisa ang lahat ng nagnanais ng tunay na reporma.

Kailangan ng taumbayan ng isang pamahalaang aayusin ang ating bansa para magkaroon sila ng kasiguruhan ng mahusay na trabaho at kalusugan at maayos na pamumuhay. Di ito naibibigay ng isang gobyernong puno ng katiwalian at walang malasakit sa taumbayan.

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Senator Roxas: Gloria Forever constitution will go straight to court

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas today said the renewed efforts in the House of the Representatives to "go solo" and ram through with the "Gloria Forever Constitution" will go straight to court.
"Diretso iyan sa korte. May tiwala ako na ang ating mga mahistrado sa Korte Suprema ay magdedesisyon nang tama (It will go straight to court. I'm confident that our Supreme Court magistrates will exercise independence and make the correct ruling on the issue)," he said, amidst speculations the high bench is controlled by the government, with majority of its justices appointed by President Arroyo.

"Hindi natin ito papayagan. Itong 'solo flight' ng House ay hindi sang-ayon sa Konstitusyon. At ayaw na ng mamamayan na lumampas ng kahit isang araw man lang ang pamumuno ni Gloria sa bansa. (We will not allow this. The House's 'solo flight' is not contemplated in the Constitution. And our people do not want Gloria to rule even a day in excess of her term)," he stressed.
The Visayan senator said any moves to amend the Constitution to extend the term of office of any public official, especially the President, will not pass in the Senate. And in the case that the House pushes through with constituent assembly on its own, he will actively join moves by the Senate to elevate the issue before the Supreme Court.
"Hindi kami sasama diyan. Baluktot na pamamaraan iyan para baguhin ang Saligang Batas sa ating bansa. Wala akong kakilalang abugado na alam ang kanyang trabaho na magsasabing legal ito (we senators will not participate in this because this is a wrong method to change the Charter. I do not know of any lawyer who knows his job and would say this is legal)," he said.

"Tinututulan ito ng ating mga kababayan. Wala itong makukuhang boto sa Senado. Hindi ito magtatagumpay (This is not acceptable to the people. This will not get any vote from the Senate. This will not succeed)," he added.
Roxas trusts that despite the machinations of the powerful and their minions to bend the law in their favor, the Filipino people would stand by the law.
"Subukan lang nilang gawin ang gusto nila, at haharapin nila ang taumbayan oras na kalikutin nila ang Saligang Batas at isangkalan ang demokrasya sa ating bansa (They could go ahead and do anything they want. But I warn them, the people will face up to them if they try to manipulate the Constitution and compromise our country's democracy)," he stressed.

Senator Roxas, 6 Legacy victims sue Celso de los Angeles, 19 other Legacy officers

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas today promised he will protect the welfare of victims of the financial scam of discredited businessman Celso de los Angeles as he blamed the Arroyo Administration for coddling him and allowing his scam to victimize thousands of hapless citizens.

Roxas made the commitment as he and six victims of the Legacy scam filed a case of syndicated estafa against De los Angeles and 19 other board members and directors of the dissolved Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc. (LCPI) before the Makati Prosecutors’ Office.

Syndicated estafa is a non-bailable crime.

Roxas, chairman of the Senate committee on trade and commerce, joined the 6 Legacy pre-need plan holders in suing De los Angeles and his cohorts after a short march and a rally in front of the Makati City Hall attended by almost a hundred Legacy victims.
"Ngayong umagang ito kasama ninyo ako para tumindig laban sa katarantaduhan ni Celso at ng pamahalaang kumukupkop sa mga kagaya niya (Today, I stand with you to fight against the criminal acts of Celso and the government that has protected him and others like him)," Roxas declared angrily before leading the group of complainants in filing of the case.

"Hindi ko kayo pababayaan. Itigil na ang panloloko sa taumbayan! Ipaglaban ang karapatan ng lahat ng mahihirap na ninakawan ng pangarap! Patuloy tayong maninindigan na isiwalat ang pagnanakaw ni Celso at mga kapwa niya ahas, at ikulong ang lahat ng nagsasamantala sa taumbayan! (I will not abandon you! I promise to stop this grand scheme to mislead our people! I will fight especially for the right of the poor robbed of their future by this thievery! I will continue to stand up and expose the shenanigans of Celso and others like him! Let us jail all those who continue to abuse the rights of our people!)," he promised the Legacy victims and members of their family who joined him in the short rally.
In leading the list of complainants, Roxas represented six of the Legacy victims who are Mrs. Jovita "Nanay Beth" Calleja, Mrs. Aurora "Nanay Au" Soriano, Mrs. Arlene Basco, Mrs. Corazon Villon, Mrs. Lolita Duria and Mr. Antonio Evangelista, who all executed a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) for Roxas to represent them in the case.

The 6 Legacy victims lost a total of PhP 705,101.40 in premium payments because of the collapse of the Legacy pre-need companies following the exposure of De los Angeles’ financial mismanagement, wanton abuse of company funds and a convoluted financial scheme that lured thousands to invest billions of pesos in a Ponzi-type business operation.

Named as respondents in the complaint were Legacy owner De los Angeles, his wife Maria Concepcion de los Angeles, son Niccolo Martin de los Angeles, Purita de los Angeles, Victorino de los Angeles, Atty. Christine Limpin, Madeline Cobbarubias, Atty. Norman Tiongson, Bishop Ignacio Soliba, Ladho Chugani, Ricardo Solomon, Arcatomy S. Guarin, Elvira P. Garcia, Cecille Invencion, Monina Vierneza-Dio, Edgardo Marasigan, Elvira Nebre, Teresita Tica, Josefina Castaneda, Agnes Santiago.

The Ilonggo senator said De los Angeles and his cohorts are liable for syndicated estafa, which the Revised Penal Code defines as the deliberate misuse of funds generated from the public committed by five or more people. He said there was clear deceit and misrepresentation by the respondents as shown by the fraudulent and deceiving financial products and promises of highly unusual and irregular returns, like the double your money scheme, with no intent to pay the policy-holders.

He said it had also been established during the Senate hearings into the Legacy plight that De los Angeles and his partners misappropriated the funds for the planholders, with evidence presented to the committee pointing to millions of pesos being diverted to De los Angeles’ personal benefits and other non-company related expenses, such as yacht repairs, utility and medical bills and his own campaign expenses during the 2007 elections.
"The respondents evidently conspired and confederated with one another to achieve a common purpose, which is to misappropriate and convert the pre-need funds for their personal benefit. The totality of the circumstances as previously narrated clearly shows that they are united in this criminal design. The fraudulent scheme could not have been perpetrated without the knowledge and direct participation and cooperation of all the respondents who are all officers of the Legacy Group of Companies," the complaint stated.
It likewise alleged that "the funds of the pre-need companies were commingled with the funds of other companies belonging to the Legacy Group of Companies" to the detriment of planholders, whose investments were used for purposes other than that for which they were invested by the policy-makers.
"Legacy funds, like all other pre-need funds, are held in trust on behalf of planholders. Such funds were disbursed by Celso de los Angeles with grave abuse of confidence," it added, stressing: "The intricate and elaborate organizational structure of the companies coupled with the existence of interlocking officers and interrelated services show that the Legacy Group of Companies is a vehicle intended to illegally amass funds from the public without drawing suspicion that these funds are actually intended to be converted to personal and other uses of herein respondent Celso de los Angeles and his cohorts."

Senator Roxas in Cebu

Senator Mar Roxas was in Cebu yesterday and was able to be with his staff for the whole day. It was a privilege to be with Senator Roxas in Cebu as this was my first time to see him here.

First stop in the morning was the Pre-Need Forum hosted by the Parents Enabling Parents (PEP) Coalition, headed by Philip Piccio, together with Senator Roxas in the Kalambuan Hall of the Cebu Normal University. The forum was jampacked with people who were lured by Celso de los Angeles' scam. Senator Roxas was committed in making this liable of this scam, be imprisoned, not only Celso de los Angeles but also those judges from the Regional Trial Courts and Court of Appeals to tried to protect Celso de los Angeles by issuing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). He noted that only the Supreme Court can issue a TRO and not the lower courts.

Roxas understands the situation of the Legacy victims and he wants to resolve this issue. He said that unlike other Senate investigations, that after a few months are already forgotten, he would continue to support the Legacy victims until they get back the money the Celso de los Angeles illegally used. The money that these people invested for the future of their sons and daughters, for the future of their business and for the future of their jobs.

Concerns were raised about the filing fee that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is asking for every case that is filed. Roxas told the audience that he had already waived for the filing fee in order to encourage more victims to file a case against Celso de los Angeles and his company, but it seems that the DOJ is acting on it slowly. He said that DOJ formed a Task Force on Bank Fraud last 2005 but until now, the Task Force wasn't able to file a case to anyone. It was disappointing to know this. What the hell is the DOJ doing?

Someone also wanted to clarify the services offered by Roxas on the Legacy victims. Roxas clarified that he would provide only free legal support from lawyers. He said he was not a "bolero". He admitted that he can't support the filing fees and other fees of all the Legacy victims. He suggested that the victims would file a "class suit" so that they can save from the cost instead of having everyone filing the case separately.

The last person who asked a question in the Pre-Need Forum was an interesting one. It was her who made Roxas exclaimed "This Legacy was a scam since day one!" I forgot to list her name, but Roxas will be inviting her to the Senate hearing on the Legacy scam.

After the forum, I was off the meet Ma'am Ines Delfin, one of Roxas' media staff whom I contacted for this. When Senator Roxas left the forum, the team went straight to Café Laguna in Ayala Terraces. But I and Ma'am Ines opted to be left behind from the convoy. So, we thought that it was going to be at the Cebu City Hall, but we were informed that it was in Café Laguna. OMG!

A few minutes later, we arrived in Café Laguna for lunch. In there were the Cebu City councilors and Roxas. We waited for Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña to arrive. Around 12:35 PM, Osmeña arrived. Only a few media were allowed to enter. I was privileged to shot some pictures. Together with the Mayor was his wife, Margot and son Miguel.

It was supposed to be a private lunch but a few media sneaked in. Another surprise visitor who came in was no other than Dra. Vicky Belo! In the other room was the Belo Launching in Cebu Press Conference. I'll talk about this later. Belo had a little chat with Osmeña and Roxas.

After the lunch, we immediately proceeded to Cebu State College of Science and Technology. Roxas was about to give an inspirational speech on the graduates. He challenged them not to believe in destiny. He urged them to write their own destiny and to be prepared with the real world. He also told them that the problem was not on the people, but on the leaders.

There were a lot of people around the gym where the graduation was held but Roxas has to go back home before ending the graduation rites. He told the graduates that he has still another appointments to attend.

It was my first time to ride a convoy of a public official. I joined the convoy from the school to the Mactan Cebu International Airport. At around 3:30 PM, Roxas bid goodbye to the Cebuanos as he returns to Manila. He promised that he would still be coming back.

This experience is so memorable. I loved it. How I wish it could happen again! Senator Roxas in Cebu.

Click to see more photos on Senator Roxas in Cebu at my Friendster Album.

Senator Roxas opens nationwide job-seekers' training camps

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas announced today the opening of Job Search training camps nationwide to help prepare new college graduates look for jobs.
"Nu'ng ako'y bagong gradweyt, nadiskubre kong mahalaga na mahusay ang aking pagharap sa interviewer, maganda ang aking resume at maganda ang aking suot na damit pagharap ko sa aking magiging boss. Ngayong mahirap makahanap ng trabaho, sana'y malaki ang maitulong ng boot camp na ito sa mga bagong gradweyt ngayon (When I was a new graduate, I discovered that it was important that I create a good impression on the interviewer, I have a good resume, and I dress well when I face my future boss. I hope the boot camp helps new graduates especially now that jobs are scare to find)," Roxas said.
He noted that an estimated 490,000 university graduates are expected to join the already crowded employment market in the next two months when the local economy is flat and jobs are scarce due to companies closing or downsizing because of the global financial crisis.

Roxas said the new batch of job-seekers would have better chances of landing employment if they are well-prepared and equipped for their job-hunting activities.

Called 'The Mar Roxas Job-Seekers Training Camps', the boot camps would be open to university graduates who wish to polish their job search skills for better and easy presentation of themselves to prospective employers. It would also help the graduates with the packaging of their credentials.

The two-day training camps would be held in 30 cities nationwide, with each camp corridor accommodating 1,000 new graduates. Trainers of companies from the Business Processing Association of the Philippines would talk on issues such as job search hints and strategies, Curriculum Vitae/bio-date writing and packaging, presentation of skills (oral and visual), dress and appearance, how to answer interview questions, tips on Business English grammar, how to write letters of introduction and tips in building self-confidence.

The boot camps would be held in Malolos, Bulacan (March 25-26); Baguio City (April 2-3); Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija (April 16-17); Dagupan, Pangasinan (April 23-24), and Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley (April 29-30).

There will also be training camps in Bacolod City (March 25-26); Iloilo City (April 1-2); Cebu City (April 15-16); Dumaguete City (April 29-30); and Tacloban City (May 6-7).

In the Mindanao region, the camps would be held in Ozamiz City (March 27-28); Cagayan de Oro (April 3-4); Iligan City (April 17-18); Zamboanga City (April 24-25); Butuan City (April 229-30); General Santos City (March 24-25); Digos City (April 3-4); Tagum City (April 17-18); Davao City (April 23-24) and Cotabato City (April 29-30).

The training camps in Metro Manila and in Southern Luzon would be in Mandaluyong (March 31-April 1); University Belt (April 14-15); Taguig (April 21-22) Quezon City (April 28-29); Naga City (March 24-25); Legazpi City (April 1-2); Batangas City (April 14-15); Lucena City (April 22-23) and Dasmarinas, Cavite (April 29-30).

The training camps would be held in partnership with local universities and university Student Councils. Those interested in participating in the training seminars can e-mail or text (city or place of training), name and University where they graduated to 0915-199-9689 (For Globe subscribers); 0919-851-8416 (Smart) and 0922-554-1246 (Sun).

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Senator Roxas will be in Cebu tomorrow!

Senator Mar Roxas will be in Cebu tomorrow, March 24, for the following events:

At 10 AM in Cebu Normal University for the Pre-Need Forum together with the Parents Enabling Parents (PEP) Coalition.

And, at 2 PM in the Cebu State College of Science and Technology graduation rites.

I will be on the ground to cover the event and keep posted as I will be blogging about it after the events with pictures.

See you there!

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Senator Roxas says Visayas power rate hike unjust

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas has sought an inquiry into the looming generation cost hike by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) and the Power Sector Asset and Liabilities Management (PSALM) in the Visayas grid.

He filed Senate Resolution No. 946 which seeks an inquiry by the Senate Committee on Energy into the imminent power rate hike of P1.146 per kilowatt-hour in Visayas.
"Hindi tama ito. Dagdag na pasanin itong pagtataas ng singil sa kuryente lalo sa mga kababayan nating apektado ng krisis-pinansiyal (This is not right. With this rate hike, we're increasing the burden of our people who are already reeling from the effects of the financial crisis)," he said.

"Gusto nating malaman kung bakit magtataas ng singil sa kuryente lalo na sa Kabisayaan kung saan pinakamalaki ito. Makatarungan ba ang dagdag-singil na ito? May iba pa bang solusyon na hindi pabigat sa mga kababayan natin? (We want to know why power rates were hiked especially in the Visayas. Is it just? Are there other options that will not put much burden on our people?)," he said.
The Senate inquiry, Roxas said, would determine if there is a need to amend existing energy laws to better protect power consumers. He added that it is the duty of the State to "protect the public interest as it is affected by the rates and services of electric utilities and other providers of electric power."

The Ilonggo senator also wants the Senate to look into the claims of the Federation of Electric Cooperatives in Eastern Visayas that NAPOCOR and PSALM did not notify and inform the Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, various electric cooperatives and local government units in the region of their joint application before the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), as mandated by the Electric Power Industry Reforms Act (EPIRA).

The ERC approved the joint Napocor-PSALM application last month, allowing a hike of P 0.4682 per kilowatt hour for Luzon, P 1.1460 /kwh for Visayas and P 0.7174 /kwh for Mindanao in their basic generation charges. The ERC claimed the increase would alleviate Napocor's current financial difficulties due to current power generation costs.

The ERC decision was met with stiff opposition by local officials in Western and Eastern Visayas, led by Negros Occidental Governor Isidro Zayco and Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia who have asked the Bacolod Sangguniang Panglungsod to file an intervention and opposition in ERC Case No. 2009-004 to the application for higher power rates of Napocor and PSALM.

He added his office has received reports from Western Visayas officials that additional power rate hikes or massive power shortages are likely to happen once two of the power generators in Iloilo province are turned over on March 25 to a private Singaporean-owned firm named SPC Island Power Corporation.

Senator Roxas saves life of Legacy investor in a Butuan forum yesterday

Ben Serrano wrote this article in his blog during a forum in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. He reported that Senator Mar Roxas noticed a 67-year old public school teacher retiree named Lita Miranda, who invested in Celso de los Angeles' failed Legacy plans, went red and sweating after he high blood pressure soared high at the school auditorium of the St. Joseph Institute of Technology (SJIT) Thursday evening (March 19):
It took Senator Mar Roxas, chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade and Industry to notice 67 year old public school teacher retiree Lita Miranda’s face gone red and sweating after her high blood pressure soar high during forum about Legacy at the school auditorium of the St. Joseph Institute of Technology (SJIT) here in Butuan City Thursday evening (March 19).

Roxas was the first to notice Miranda trying to catch up with her breath as the senator immediately called the attention of his staff and the school medical authorities to rescue the 67 year old teacher retiree from San Francisco Pilot Elementary School in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

Roxas was at the middle of his speech before victims of Legacy’s double your money in three years scheme in a jampacked crowd mostly Legacy investors at SJIT school auditorium when he noticed something went wrong with Miranda.

"She is fine now however we recommended her confine at a hospital for a thorough medical check up", school nurses Rey Pacaya and Rea Murillo told this writer in an interview.

The two school nurses of St. Joseph Institute of Technology (SJIT) were the ones attending Miranda whom they claimed suffered sudden soar of blood pressure due hypertension.

"She suffers sudden soar of high blood pressure as she was sweating cold and look pale, it would be another story if took sometime before she was rescued", SJIT nurse Rey Pacaya told this writer.

SJIT President Dr. Leticia Cebrian Salas was present when her two school nurses give Miranda medical attention and try to console the retired public school teacher.

After resting for thirty minutes Miranda, later, told this writer she lost some P600,000 from Legacy’s double your money scheme in three years that gone haywire.

A companion of Mrs. Miranda, Hilda Herdes Lahi, 66, also a retired public school teacher from San Francisco Pilot Elementary School in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur who seated beside Miranda at the forum told this writer in an interview she didn’t noticed Miranda already suffered mild stroke but noticed her hands were cold and sweating.

"It was after Senator Roxas speaking in microphone took noticed of my seatmate then I comforted her and asked for help", Lahi who claimed she too lost her all her retirement benefits in the amount of P675,000 to Legacy.

She noticed Miranda’s face gone red when Senator Roxas was explaining difficulty of Legacy victims to retrieve back their capital investments in the way things are going now with the Senate Inquiry by which Senator Roxas was initiating as chair of the Senate Committee on Trade and Industry.

Roxas explained to forum participants, he is only telling the truth saying sales agents of local Legacy offices could have explained to their clients or would be investors the consequences of the double your money scheme while telling the investors they could have seek advises from lawyers in the business they are in.

But somebody from the crowd replied some lawyers too were victimized allegedly by Legacy.

Roxas further explained he don’t want to give false promises and sound like a politician as frankly told forum participants the chances of getting back their money is remote but raises hope when he told victim investors he will exert efforts and will do everything he can to help.

Lahi revealed many of her co-teacher retirees from San Francisco, Agusan del Sur also losses all the money they got from their retirement benefits. Another co-teacher of hers also suffered a stroke and couldn’t hardly buy sustaining medicines now.

Lahi told this writer an estimated one hundred government retirees from San Francisco, Agusan del Sur alone were duped of Legacy’s double your money scheme in three years and losses all their hard earned money.

"Each one of these retirees have invested P600,000, P500,000 to low P100,000 each to Legacy" Lahi said.

The forum with Senator Mar Roxas was initiated by the Butuan Chamber of Commerce and Industry who is helping victims of Legacy Investment Scam.

BCCI Secretary General Leah Medado told this writer the chamber is doing everything it can and has even offered an office space for the newly formed Association of Caraga Legacy Claimants to give victims a venue to ventilate their problems in a forum like the recently concluded one with no less than Senator Mar Roxas conducting.

Medado explained sixty percent of the more than 600 victims of the Legacy Scam are coming from Butuan City mostly traders, professionals and retirees.

When asked why said investment scam that victimizes more than 600 Caraga residents, practically all of them professionals be made public so that it will served as warning by telling the public all what had happened, Medado explained the investors begged not to be identified.

"They don’t want to be mock or pre-judged by the public", Medado explained.

But when explained, the scam has already been made public anyway except local details how and why and even a Roman Catholic priest in Southern Leyte, admitted in nationwide television he too was victimized by Legacy, Medado just replied with a smile while thanking this writer for attending the forum.

Medado invited this writer to attend the chamber-sponsored forum.
I hope Celso de los Angeles would realize the damage and hopelessness that he has afflicted to everyone who trusted their future to de los Angeles' Legacy.

To Celso de los Angeles, please don't leave a legacy of false promises. Give their money back!

UPDATE 3:00 PM: Here are the pictures of Senator Mar Roxas and Lita Miranda during the Legacy forum.

Assumption for Mar Roxas 2010

Here's an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Maurice Arcache about the Assumption for Mar Roxas 2010:
When Mar calls, the girls come running. So it was like Assumption Day at Balay Ni Mar where 200 Assumption alumnae from different batches gathered to launch the Assumption for Mar movement, which will support Sen. Mar Roxas when he runs in the 2010 presidential elections.

Assumption for Mar will not only help in the campaign, palanggas, but also come up with feeding programs and medical missions in depressed areas.

The gals had a super great time chatting and reminiscing, until the man of the hour, Senator Roxas, gave his short but eloquent talk on his presidential platform. All listened intently to his plans "for a better future for our country." All left committed to help him; they even signed up for different activities.

It was definitely a happening: Young or old Assumption gals came together, praying for change and building a better country, to the rallying song "Stand by Me," recast as "Stand by Mar."
Go go go Assumption for Mar Roxas 2010! Together, let us bring reform and change to Malacañang by 2010.

Oras Na! Roxas Na!

Senator Roxas to POEA: Dig deeper into how Legacy schemes affected OFW trust fund

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas today urged the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to dig deeper into how Legacy's double your money scheme put at risk the stability of the trust fund of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).
"Walang patawad itong si Celso. Pati ang ating mga overseas workers ay niloko din niya (Celso de los Angeles would not even spare OFWs!)," lamented the chairman of the Senate trade and commerce committee, which is looking into the Legacy fund mess.

"Kailangang masiguro natin na may kakayahan ang mga recruitment agencies na nagpadala sa mga OFW sa abroad sakaling magkaroon sila ng problema sa kanilang mga trabaho (We have to make sure that these recruitment agencies can address the problems of these OFWs, should any arise)," he added.
The Ilonggo senator noted testimonies during the last committee hearing revealing that at least 144 recruitment agencies entrusted their escrow deposits at the Asia Trust bank, which in turn had inked an internal agreement with De los Angeles' Bank of Paranaque to double the amount of deposits.

POEA Dir. Melchor Dizon had told senators the agency requires all recruitment agencies to put up a P1 million escrow deposit in a bank, in this case the Asia Trust, to secure claims of workers in case the workers encounter problems or difficulties with their foreign employers. He said they have discovered that escrow deposits of Asia Trust's 144 agencies were all transferred to the Bank of Paranaque for a 20% per annum interest, with the authorization of the recruitment agencies.

The time deposits with Bank of Parañaque were secured by government securities, but Dizon said the securities have turned out to be insufficient, thus now forcing recruitment agencies to cough up additional money to complete their respective escrow funds.
"Sa huli, ang biktima dito ay ang mga OFWs (The OFWs are the victims here in the end)," he stressed.
He said the POEA, with the assistance of the Department of Justice, should determine if the recruitment agencies could be held liable for the insolvent state of the OFWs' trust fund.
"Kailangan nating malaman kung may kasalanan din dito ang mga recruitment agencies. Nakakolekta na sila ng 20% na interes sa kanilang mga deposito (We need to know if recruitment agencies are also at fault. After all, they already collected the 20% interest on their deposits)," he said.

Senator Roxas seeks two-year PAG-IBIG fund moratorium

To help alleviate the plight of workers during the economic slowdown, Liberal Party President Senator Mar Roxas has sought a two-year moratorium on the mandatory contribution of all workers to the Pag-Ibig fund.
"Sa panahong mahigpit ang bulsa ng mga konsyumer natin, bigyan natin sila ng pagkakataong pumili kung gusto nilang ipagpatuloy ang pagbabayad sa Pag-Ibig o kung gagamitin muna nila ito para punan ang mga pangangailangan nila (At this time that household budgets are constrained, let's give our consumers the choice to continue contributing to Pag-Ibig or to use their contributions to make ends meet)," he stressed.

"Mahalaga ang pabahay. Pero nakikita rin nating mahalagang maitawid ang mga kababayan natin mula sa gutom. Bigyan natin sila ng pagkakataong pumili (Housing is important, but we also see how important it is to help our people cope with hunger. Let's give them the power to choose)," he said.
In filing Senate Bill No. 3127 Roxas said that salaries of workers remain the same or even less, while the global financial meltdown continues its onslaught on the local economy. While the mandatory monthly Pag-Ibig contribution serves the long-term goal of housing for all, "every peso counts when it comes to each family's survival."

SB 3127 proposes a two year freeze in the collection of the monthly Pag-Ibig fund contributions of workers both in the public and private sector, subject to exceptions such as those who would voluntarily want to be covered and those who have outstanding Pag-Ibig loans.

Pag-Ibig fund contributions are mandatory in character. It was established through Presidential Decree No. 1752, or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 1980 and intended to motivate employed and other earning groups to better plan and provide for their housing needs. It has a total of 7.27 million members as of September 2008.

Basketball Clinics for Mar Roxas 2010

Calling all basketball enthusiasts and Mar Roxas supporters in La Union and Benguet! A Former UAAP Basketball Coach of the University of the Philippines will be conducting a series of basketball clinics in support of Mar Roxas in the following dates/venues:

  • March 20 - A Clinic for Players (San Fernando, La Union)
  • March 21 - A Clinic for Coaches in both Baguio and Benguet (9 AM - 12 NN at the FVR Gym, Baguio City)
  • March 21 - A Clinic for Players (2 - 5 PM at the FVR Gym, Baguio City and CCDC La Trinidad, Benguet)
If you are in this location from March 20 to 21, please do attend the event in support for Mar Roxas.

La Salle for Mar Roxas 2010

Calling all people from La Salle! Please join our movement to elect Mar Roxas as our next President in 2010.

There will be an event this March 17, 2009 at 6:00 PM for La Salle people for Mar Roxas 2010 at the Balay ni Mar (Cubao Clubhouse) located in Expo Centro, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

Please invite more Green Archers for Mar and help us build our movement for reform.

For more details please contact Gina Policarpio at 0922-3274148 or e-mail her at

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Senator Roxas condemns Manuel Gaite appointment to SEC

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas said today President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's appointment of Deputy Executive Secretary Manuel Gaite to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reflects the administration's lack of decency and concern for public opinion of its conduct.
"Wala talagang malasakit ang administrasyon sa iniisip ng publiko (This administration does not care for what the public thinks). At this time that the SEC's reputation is crumbling down, President Arroyo has appointed someone whose own credibility is as low as the one he's replacing," Roxas said.
The Ilonggo senator said Gaite's appointment was also apparently a reward for his role in Malacanang's attempts to silence NBN-ZTE broadband deal whistleblower Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada Jr.
"Anong patunay ni Gaite na meron siyang 'good moral character'? Isa ito sa mga itinakda ng batas na kwalipikasyon para sa mga SEC commissioner (What proof could Gaite show that he has 'good moral character?' This is one of the qualifications set by law for SEC commissioners," he stressed.
The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce and Trade cited Section 4.2 of the Securities Regulation Code on the qualifications for SEC commissioners, which states, "The Commissioners must be of good moral character, of unquestionable integrity, of known probity and patriotism, and with recognized competence..." SEC commissioners are Presidential appointees.
"Kung seryoso talaga ang Pangulo na linisin ang SEC at ibalik ang tiwala ng publiko sa mga institusyon, i-atras niya agad ang appointment ni Gaite at maghanap siya ng taong hindi matatawaran ang integridad (If the President is really serious in cleaning up the SEC and recovering the public trust in our institutions, she should immediately cancel Gaite's appointment and headhunt for a person whose integrity cannot be assailed)," he said.
Gaite had been selected by the President herself to replace former SEC Commissioner Jesus Enrique Martinez, who took flak for allegedly receiving a house and lot and a sports utility vehicle, among others, from Legacy Group owner Celso de los Angeles.

Senator Roxas to gov't: Move fast to attach Legacy assets

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas last Friday asked three government agencies to move fast to attach the assets of businessman Celso de los Angeles and his failed Legacy Group of Companies to protect planholders and investors from losing their investment.

Roxas made the call after transmitting to the three government agencies copies of documentary and testimonial evidence gathered by the Senate in its investigation into the Legacy mess triggered by an inquiry into the financial problems of the pre-need industry.

Senator Mar Roxas comforts a crying Bernadette Raymundo who told Roxas that she lost her life's savings because of the collapse of the Rural Bank of Subangdaku, one of the 13 Legacy banks that collapsed because of mismanagement by controversial businessman Celso de los Angeles. Roxas met Raymundo at the assembly hall of Siliman University in Dumaguete City yesterday during a forum with victims of the Legacy collapse organized by the Parents Enabling Parents (PEP) Coalition.

He said the documents from the Senate hearing transmitted to the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice (DoJ) are more than enough to cause the attachment of De los Angeles' assets, many of which are part of the trust fund of the two collapsed Legacy pre-need companies and the assets of the 13 Legacy banks that declared bankruptcy late last year.

He said the evidence also prove allegations that De los Angeles engaged in illegal business transactions and diverted Legacy funds for his personal use.
"Considering the seriousness of these allegations, we trust that your office will conduct an in-depth investigation on the matter and expeditiously act to cause the attachment of all assets that may have been acquired using the trust fund and deposit accounts of Legacy policy holders and depositors," he said in separate letters sent to PDIC president Jose Nograles, SEC chairperson Fe Barin and Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez.
Documents transmitted to the PDIC includes copies of the Transcript of proceedings of the four committee public hearings (February 2, February 10, March 2 and March 9) and the sworn affidavits of former Legacy chief executive officer Carolina Hinola, chief finance officer Namnama Pasetes-Santos, Paul Montenegro, Myrna Axalan and Jeannette Ortiz.

The SEC and the DoJ, on the other hand, were given copies of the Transcript of proceedings of the 4th public hearing last March 9 and sworn affidavits of Hinola and Santos.

The Ilonggo senator said the affidavits of Hinola and Santos are relevant to the investigations being conducted by the three offices, particularly on De los Angeles' alleged misuse and misappropriation of the trust funds and bank deposit accounts of the Legacy group of companies.

Also, the Senate committee wrote House Speaker Prospero Nograles and furnished his office certified true copies of the sworn affidavit of Santos and vouchers and checks showing the disbursement of a total of P1.8 million to Paranaque Rep. Eduardo Zialcita drawn from Legacy' pre-need trust fund.

Santos had testified that Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc. (LCPI) paid Zialcita a consultancy fee of P100,000 monthly on the instructions of De los Angeles. The checks, she claimed, were received by the congressman's former secretary identified as one Leila Omana.

Zialcita is a second cousin of SEC Commissioner Jesus Martinez, who has been accused of "protecting" Legacy's interests within the SEC. Witnesses have alleged the Legacy group paid for a P5 million house and lot in Paranaque that Martinez gave his son.
"In observance of the inter-parliamentary courtesy customarily practiced by members of both houses of Congress, I transmit herewith (these documents) for your reference and in support of whatever action you may deem appropriate under the circumstances," Roxas said.
He added members of the House can examine and verify the original vouchers and checks, which are in the custody and safekeeping of the Senate Blue Ribbon Oversight Office Management (BROOM).

Senator Roxas to Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez: What accomplishments?

Liberal Party President Senator Mar Roxas today rebuked Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez for claiming much has been done to fight corruption amid action from international agencies and even the US government that have expressed alarm over the spread of corruption in the Philippines.
"Nasa'n ang sinasabi niyang accomplishments? Wala akong nakikita (Where are the accomplishments she is claiming? I don't see any)," he said in reaction to Gutierrez's claim before members of the Rotary Club of Manila on Thursday that her office had overseen the disposition of a record number of cases, and had seen the prosecution and conviction of high government officials.
He said what is more apparent to the public is the Ombudsman's cover-up of corruption involving President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's men involved in cases like the NBN-ZTE bribery scandal, the DA fertilizer fund diversion scam, the Euro Generals international controversy and the World Bank collusive bidding allegations.
"Anong sinasabi niyang sterling performance ng Ombdusman? Inupuan niya ang mga kaso, nagkalumot na ang mga ito sa opisina niya, napanis na ang mga ito. 'Yan lang ang ginawa niya (What sterling performance is she talking about? She sat on the cases until these grew cobwebs, until they got stale. That's what she did)," he stressed.
He said Gutierrez's inaction on cases involving officials close to GMA has prompted an impeachment complaint to be filed against her with the House of Representatives.
"Sa tagal ng pagkilos niya sa mga kaso laban sa mga alipores ng pamahalaang ito, nawala na ang mga witnesses na maaari sanang magdiin sa mga kawatan sa gobyerno. Nakalimutan na nga ng publiko ang mga kasong ito dahil sobrang tagal na silang nakabinbin sa opisina niya (Because of her slow action on complaints against allies of this government, many of the witnesses who could have nailed down the culprits have already disappeared. The public has forgotten these cases because they have long been placed in the backburner)," he added.

Senator Roxas: Celso de los Angeles has yet to present waiver on bank accounts

Senator Mar Roxas said yesterday that Albay town mayor Celso de los Angeles, owner of Legacy Consolidated Plans, Inc., has yet to issue the waiver on the confidentiality of his private bank accounts as he promised at the Senate hearing last Monday.

Roxas said De los Angeles also has not submitted yet an official copy of his Statement of Assets and Liabilities as a public official, which he promised to provide during the February 20 hearing by the Senate committee on trade and commerce.

The waiver would allow senators to examine De los Angeles’ bank accounts and determine the veracity of allegations that Legacy funds were diverted for his personal use.
"Is this another empty promise? Where is the waiver? Has he changed his mind? Or perhaps he is buying time to again trying to falsify bank documents?" said Roxas.
He said the Senate can’t dip its hands in the Legacy owner’s accounts without the waiver - a requirement under the Bank Secrecy Act.

The senator challenged De los Angeles during the March 9 public hearing to waive all his rights under the Bank Secrecy Act.

This, after De los Angeles made a blanket denial of the allegations and even said he would open his active personal accounts at the Philippine Rural Bank and the Philippine Countryside Bank as well as his closed account at Metrobank Bicol.

Legacy group’s former chief finance officer Namnama Pasete-Santos had testified during the public hearing that P38 million in company’s funds were given to De los Angeles supposedly to bankroll his mayoralty bid in Sto. Domingo, Albay, during the 2007 general elections. Another P30 million was also paid out in 2006 and a total of P22 million in 2008.

In the Senate inquiry, Legacy chairman and president Carolina Hiñola also said that P25 million was paid to De los Angeles by Legacy for the purchase of the Punta Engano property in Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu.
"It’s important for us to review the movement of money in and out of his accounts, because what’s involved here is the money that his plan holders and depositors entrusted to him," Roxas said as he assured that he will not let Celso go "until we exact justice for your victims."

Senator Roxas to attend Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association opening

Senator Mar Roxas will be attending the opening ceremonies of the 2009 Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association (WVRAA) Meet, a week-long sports competition, on March 15 at the Villareal Stadium in Capiz.

Also expected to attend the WVRAA opening are Bacolod City Mayor Evelio "Bing" Leonardia, six provincial governors in Western Visayas and Department of Education (DepEd) regional officials, among others.
"The hosting again of Capiz of the WVRAA after three years is an opportunity and pride for Capiceños that we will try to make all necessary measures for the success of the event," said Capiz Gov. Victor Tanco in the province's "Pag-ulikid" newsletter.
The province's Villareal Stadium which will be the main venue of the 18 sporting events boasts of its facilities like Capiz Gym, rubberized track oval, swimming pool and 2 courts each for sepak takraw, volleyball, outdoor basketball, and lawn tennis, among others.

The different events for this year's WVRAA Meet include archery, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, badminton, table tennis, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, sepak takraw, sipa, softball, volleyball, chess, arnis, boxing and taekwondo.

A point system will be employed instead of the medal tally will be the basis for the ranking of the participating provinces.

Senator Roxas prods Department of Justice to act swiftly on Legacy complaints

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas yesterday prodded the Department of Justice (DoJ) to act swiftly on the complaints filed against officials of the Legacy Group led by owner Celso de los Angeles, to bring justice and relief to the victims of the company's schemes.
"Pupukpukin natin ang Department of Justice, kakalampagin natin hanggang sa mag-file na sila ng kaso laban sa Legacy, lalo na kay Celso (We will continue to pound on the DoJ for them to immediately file cases against Legacy officials, especially de los Angeles)," the chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce said.

"Ang lahat ng ito ay nasa kamay ngayon ng Department of Justice dahil ito ang mag-fa-file ng kaso laban kay Celso de los Angeles. Babantayan natin ito. Hindi natin papayagan na na idri-dribble lang ito hanggang sa magkalimutan na lang (All these are now in the hands of the DoJ because it will be the one which would file cases against Celso de los Angeles. We will watch them closely. We will not allow them to sit on the cases until the public forgets about them)," he also said.
Complaints have been filed before the DoJ against the Legacy owner and his cohorts by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and various investors, all of which have been referred for preliminary investigation to the "Task Force Legacy."

Members of the task force have told senators that the preliminary investigation into the complaints would begin on March 21 after all pleadings and counter-pleadings have been filed by concerned parties.

The Ilonggo senator said it was imperative for the Justice department to employ fast action on the cases so aggrieved pre-need planholders and bank depositors and investors could recover the investments they made to the various Legacy companies, such as the Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc., Legacy One Card and its 13 rural banks.

He exhorted prosecutors not to follow the path of the 2005 Task Force against Bank Frauds, which until now has yet to file a single case in relation to the complaints referred to it when it was created.
"Ang tanong ngayon, paano si Nanay Beth? Si Nanay Mila? At iba pang biktima? Paano ang pera nila? Paano mananagot ang dapat na managot dito? Kailangang agarang kumilos ang DoJ para makakuha ng hustisya ang mga kawawang biktima ng Legacy (The question now is, how about Nanay Beth, Nanay Mila and the other victims? How about their savings? Will the persons responsible for this scam be held responsible? DOJ should act swiftly so justice will be served for sake of Legacy's victims)," he said.

Forum on the Role of Youth in Development

Just got this one from the Absolute Cousins blog of my online friend Brian Ong.

Senator Mar Roxas invites everyone to a Forum on the Role of Youth in Development
  • When: March 21, 2009 at 6 PM
  • Where: Expo Centro, along EDSA (across Farmers Market) in Araneta Center, Quezon City
  • RSVP: Lorenz Sapitan / Annette Villarruz (0917-3120214 or 09209174389)

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Senator Roxas to planholders: Senate will pursue Legacy scam

The Senate will not bring to a close its inquiry into the financial state of the pre-need business until it has established liabilities of government officials and private individuals in the reported looming collapse of the industry, Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas promised aggrieved plan-holders.
"Makakaasa kayo, hindi namin titigilan ito. Kawawang-kawawa naman ang ating mga kababayang nabiktima nitong mga scam na ito kung ihihinto natin ito (We will not stop this investigation in the interest of the victims of this scam)," he said.

"Malinaw na malinaw, parang bumuka nga langit at lumabas ang kaliwanagan. Nakita natin kung paano minanipula ni Celso de los Angeles 'yung pera ng Legacy para sa kanyang pansariling interest (As if the skies have opened, it is very clear now how Celso de los Angeles manipulated Legacy's funds for his personal interest)," he added.
The senator said he will continue the probe for the sake of the thousands of plan holders and depositors whose dreams have disappeared due to the Legacy mess, and will not let politics compromise this goal.
"That's one vote I don't care losing," Roxas said in relation to a swipe made by De los Angeles that he would vote for "anybody except... you just fill in the blanks."
The chairman of the Senate trade and commerce committee looking into the pre-need business and the collapse of De los Angeles' Legacy group, revealed that the committee has been deluged with calls from other potential witnesses volunteering to testify and bare more information on the illegal transactions of the Legacy group of companies.
"Sinisiguro po muna natin na may dokumentasyon. Nakita naman natin ang nangyari noong Lunes, merong dokumentasyon ang mga witnesses kaya nahirapan si De los Angeles at si (SEC Commissioner Jesus) Martinez na paikutin ang mga senador (We are making sure that these witnesses have documentary evidence to back their allegations. Like the witnesses who testified last Monday, they have documents with them that was why it was hard for De los Angeles and Martinez to contradict their claims)," he added.
Legacy Consolidated Plans Incorporated Chief Operating officer Carol Hinola has testified that Martinez was a "close friend" of De los Angeles who helped the latter with his problems at the SEC. She had also claimed the Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc. (LCPI) had paid for a P3.3 million house and lot which Martinez gave to his son. Martinez is also a second cousin of Paranaque Rep. Ed Zialcita, whom former chief finance officer Santos alleged was paid P1.8 million by LCPI in "consultancy fees."

The two witnesses have claimed that pre-need premiums were diverted to De los Angeles' personal bank accounts and for his mayoralty bid during the 2007 elections.

Roxas said once De los Angeles makes true his commitment to allow senators to examine his private bank accounts, the committee would ascertain if company funds were indeed siphoned off to his personal funds.
"Iisa lang ang alam natin, ang ating mga kababayan, ang mga mahihirap na nagtiwala, nag-ipon, kinapital nila 'yung kanilang pawis, 'yung kanilang dugo, 'yung kanilang luha, wala silang pinanghahawakan ngayon. Susundan natin ang pera, aalamin natin ang buong katotohanan dito para sila naman ay may tsansa na ma-recover ang kanilang mga pera (There is only one truth in all these: those who put their trust in Legacy, those who invested their hard-earned monies in Legacy, they are now holding empty bags. We will follow the paper trail of the Legacy funds and establish the truth so they can recover even just a small amount of their investments)" he vowed.
The Senate trade and committee had provided security and personal protection to the two former Legacy key officers. Roxas said he would coordinate with other committee members and with Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile on the need to also provide security to the other witnesses.

Father of BPO graces the newly-inaugurated TELUS Araneta Center

Senator Mar Roxas, being a staunch advocate of information and communications technology as a tool for national progress and hailed as the "Father of the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing Industries" in the Philippines, was one of the special guest in TELUS, a Canada-based call center firm, opening in Araneta Center.

In the picture below, Senator Roxas and Quezon City Mayor Sonny Belmonte try out the facilities of the newly-inaugurated TELUS House in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Looking on is TELUS International Philippines SVP, Paul Ergger.

Roxas, the father of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry, believes in the Filipino’s potential to harness information technology as a key tool for the country’s development.

Senator Roxas expresses concern on LRT-MRT3 diggings in Monumento

Senator Mar Roxas has expressed interest and concern in the ongoing desecration of the Bonifacio Monument. This is to address the concern of Mr. Rolando G. Ocampo, Lead Convenor of Monumento World Heritage Global Campaign.

I came across the blog of Mr. Ocampo about this. He said that received a letter from Atty. Blas James G. Viterbo, Roxas' Chief-of-Staff, regarding his letter about the desecration of the Bonifacio Monument located in Caloocan City because of the ongoing LRT-MRT3 diggings.

Here's a copy of the letter that was furnished by Senator Roxas' office to LRTA Administrator Melquiades A. Robles, Caloocan City Mayor Enrico Echiverri, and MMDA Gen. Mgr. Roberto Nacianceno respectively.

Kris Aquino's baby James to be ring bearer in Mar-Korina wedding

An interesting news that I read from ABS-CBN's website regarding the much-awaited wedding of Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez.
James Yap Jr., the youngest son of the Philippines’ Queen of Talk Kris Aquino and star cager James Yap, will be the ring bearer in the much-awaited wedding of ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez and Senator Mar Roxas II.

Aquino announced over ABS-CBN's SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon that she won’t disclose other details of the wedding except that her baby boy will be part of the special occasion.

"Ito I can safely say this. I'm not gonna say when [the marriage will be] cause it's up to Korina and Mar, but definitely, ring bearer si Baby James. Kasi hindi ba nag-interbyuhan kami ni Korina, kinumpromiso ko na siya na first time na magri-ring bearer ni Baby James for my kinakapatid Mar Roxas and for my dear friend Korina Sanchez," Aquino said.

Aquino spilled the beans after SNN reported the current status of Roxas and Sanchez’s romantic relationship.

"Masaya, puno ng pag-ibig. Happy kami at saka maganda, nagkakasundo kami kasi pareho kami ng gusto para sa bayan natin," Sanchez said. "So todo support ako sa kanya, todo support din siya sa akin."

Asked by SNN if there’s already a date for the wedding, Sanchez was evasive and simply replied: "Ikaw ang unang makakaalam."

Ka Jovy Salonga and Mar Roxas are conspirators

Here's a statement of the Liberal Party of the Philippines in admitting that Ka Jovy Salonga and LP President Senator Mar Roxas are consipirators.
In supporting the impeachment complaint against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, we in the Liberal Party admit to be part of a conspiracy for good. Ka Jovy Salonga and Mar Roxas are its masterminds. We are engaged in a conspiracy for clean governance, a conspiracy against syndicated corruption in government.

We have waited so long for this showdown with Ombudsman Mercedita Gutierrez and her political masters. Punung-puno na kami at punung-puno na ang bayan. The nation is nauseated by the stench of corruption in this administration and we are determined to impeach its main promoter and protector.

When will we, Filipinos, act to fix corruption in our own land? It is a shame that we cannot clean up our own kitchen. It took the United States to arrest Jocjoc and General Garcia’s sons. It took Russia to intercept the Euro Generals. It took the World Bank to expose anomalous road contracts.

Hindi ba nakakahiya na aabot pa sa puntong mga dayuhan pa ang maglilinis ng ating gobyerno? Ito ang isang dahilan kung bakit nawawalan ng respeto ang ibang bansa sa atin, dahil sa hindi natin malinis ang sarili nating bakuran. If Gutierrez is not impeached, the Philippines will graduate from the most corrupt nation in Asia to the most corrupt in the world.

And where was the Ombudsman when all of these cases were happening? She was making sure that the evil schemes of the administration were kept in the shadows and out of public scrutiny—under a modus operandi of delay, distract, cover up, obfuscate and confuse. She was coddling grafters and keeping them from the reach of justice.

We are resolved to attack this syndicate of corruption and expose it in the full light of truth. We know that many in the legislature share our cause, especially those who have been blackmailed and intimidated by the administration to toe the line or else be whimsically investigated by the notorious Ombudsman. We ask them to stand and be counted.

Ang proseso ng impeachment ay ang pinakamabisang paraan para malantad ang lahat sa publiko, lalong-lalo na ang mga operasyon ng gobyerno para itago ang katotohanan. We stand beside Ka Jovy Salonga and our allies. We are proud of their actions in behalf of our people. We further condemn Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez for her malicious remarks against Ka Jovy and demand that she act and speaks under the high standards of decency and civility that inures to her Office

Eduardo Pilapil, Jr. meets the Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger

It was nice meeting someone like Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr. who is a motivational speaker. I just heard about him when he was invited by our school to give a talk on "Maximize Your Potential: How to Go Beyond Your Limits" to Cebu Institute of Technology students.

I wasn't able to attend that seminar of Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr. yesterday though, but I was able to meet him in the office of Mr. Bernand Villamor.

Together with me were my colleagues in the Supreme Student Government headed by our President Benjie Belotindos and Vice President Stephen Alim. Also, the Technologian Press was there headed by their Editor-in-Chief Von Clyde Romo and the Industrial Engineering Council represented by Michael Jerecho Dueñas.

I asked him on making decisions that would prevent me from being frustrated after choosing it. He told us to list down the positive and negative effects of the decision if we would go or not go for it. Then, he also emphasized the importance of getting along with the pressure in making decisions. As we all know, we can't avoid it.

Another thing that I learned is on how to balance our responsibilities. He told us that in order to finish one thing, you should give 100% focus on it. If there are still other things that can wait, then forget about it on that time. Think about what you are doing.

It's good to be with Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr. When you listen to him speak, you're really motivated. I know about these things before, but I just came to realize it now.

He's such a good one! Kudos to you Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr.!

Manny Villar values money more than the people

What does Senator Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party think about the 2010 Philippine Presidential elections? In an interview with Reuters India, he said:
"If you can't even raise one billion pesos, why even run?"
He just showed on what he values most. MONEY

Yes, it's a sad reality that if you want to run for President in the Philippines, you must have P1 Billion or even more to win.

But this must change. Elections should never be dictated by how much money a candidate raises and spends, but by a candidate's platform of government, his service and track record.

Instead to trying to change the status quo, Villar even supported the status quo! Senator Mar Roxas wants to change it, Villar doesnt!

This just shows how arrogant Villar is in pursuing his candidacy.
"Filipinos cannot be bought... They will choose a leader who can provide good government," Senator Roxas reacting to Villar's remarks.
Villar sees the Filipino people as someone whom he can buy with his money just to have his place in Malacañang in 2010. The Filipino voters will never allow to be bought!

It's up for the people if they want a leader who wants to defend the ugly status quo or a leader who wants to change it.

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There will be no Philippines without the Visayas - Mar Roxas

Senator Mar Roxas was in Cebu to grace the opening program of the 1st One Visayas Culture and Arts Festival in the Cebu International Convention Center together with the governors and local officials of the 16 provinces of Visayas. The event showcases the bests of the Visayan provinces from their products to tourist destinations.

Senator Mar Roxas shares a laugh with Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia (center) and Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace Durano (right). Photo courtesy of Cebu Online News

Roxas, being the guest speaker for the event, praised the Visayan officials for their unity. Visayas, composed of 16 provinces namely Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo and Negros Occidental in Region 6 (Western Visayas), Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor in Region 7 (Central Visayas) and Biliran, Eastern Samar, Leyte, Northern Samar, Samar and Southern Leyte in Region 8 (Eastern Visayas), has played a major role in the development of the country.
"...a fabric that will cradle each and every Filipino in the Visayas as well as in the Philippines, because even as Visayas still exists without the rest of the Philippines, there will be no Philippines without the Visayas.", Roxas said referring to the importance of the event.
Roxas was also impressed by the presence of governors and other high-ranking government officials during the launching and said that the celebration "is a sign of oneness that will definitely result to economic benefits in Central Philippines", as the effort will connect the Visayas provinces in terms of trade and transportation.

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