Senator Roxas to Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez: What accomplishments?

Liberal Party President Senator Mar Roxas today rebuked Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez for claiming much has been done to fight corruption amid action from international agencies and even the US government that have expressed alarm over the spread of corruption in the Philippines.
"Nasa'n ang sinasabi niyang accomplishments? Wala akong nakikita (Where are the accomplishments she is claiming? I don't see any)," he said in reaction to Gutierrez's claim before members of the Rotary Club of Manila on Thursday that her office had overseen the disposition of a record number of cases, and had seen the prosecution and conviction of high government officials.
He said what is more apparent to the public is the Ombudsman's cover-up of corruption involving President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's men involved in cases like the NBN-ZTE bribery scandal, the DA fertilizer fund diversion scam, the Euro Generals international controversy and the World Bank collusive bidding allegations.
"Anong sinasabi niyang sterling performance ng Ombdusman? Inupuan niya ang mga kaso, nagkalumot na ang mga ito sa opisina niya, napanis na ang mga ito. 'Yan lang ang ginawa niya (What sterling performance is she talking about? She sat on the cases until these grew cobwebs, until they got stale. That's what she did)," he stressed.
He said Gutierrez's inaction on cases involving officials close to GMA has prompted an impeachment complaint to be filed against her with the House of Representatives.
"Sa tagal ng pagkilos niya sa mga kaso laban sa mga alipores ng pamahalaang ito, nawala na ang mga witnesses na maaari sanang magdiin sa mga kawatan sa gobyerno. Nakalimutan na nga ng publiko ang mga kasong ito dahil sobrang tagal na silang nakabinbin sa opisina niya (Because of her slow action on complaints against allies of this government, many of the witnesses who could have nailed down the culprits have already disappeared. The public has forgotten these cases because they have long been placed in the backburner)," he added.

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