Assumption for Mar Roxas 2010

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Here's an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Maurice Arcache about the Assumption for Mar Roxas 2010:
When Mar calls, the girls come running. So it was like Assumption Day at Balay Ni Mar where 200 Assumption alumnae from different batches gathered to launch the Assumption for Mar movement, which will support Sen. Mar Roxas when he runs in the 2010 presidential elections.

Assumption for Mar will not only help in the campaign, palanggas, but also come up with feeding programs and medical missions in depressed areas.

The gals had a super great time chatting and reminiscing, until the man of the hour, Senator Roxas, gave his short but eloquent talk on his presidential platform. All listened intently to his plans "for a better future for our country." All left committed to help him; they even signed up for different activities.

It was definitely a happening: Young or old Assumption gals came together, praying for change and building a better country, to the rallying song "Stand by Me," recast as "Stand by Mar."
Go go go Assumption for Mar Roxas 2010! Together, let us bring reform and change to Malacañang by 2010.

Oras Na! Roxas Na!

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