Ka Jovy Salonga and Mar Roxas are conspirators

Here's a statement of the Liberal Party of the Philippines in admitting that Ka Jovy Salonga and LP President Senator Mar Roxas are consipirators.
In supporting the impeachment complaint against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, we in the Liberal Party admit to be part of a conspiracy for good. Ka Jovy Salonga and Mar Roxas are its masterminds. We are engaged in a conspiracy for clean governance, a conspiracy against syndicated corruption in government.

We have waited so long for this showdown with Ombudsman Mercedita Gutierrez and her political masters. Punung-puno na kami at punung-puno na ang bayan. The nation is nauseated by the stench of corruption in this administration and we are determined to impeach its main promoter and protector.

When will we, Filipinos, act to fix corruption in our own land? It is a shame that we cannot clean up our own kitchen. It took the United States to arrest Jocjoc and General Garcia’s sons. It took Russia to intercept the Euro Generals. It took the World Bank to expose anomalous road contracts.

Hindi ba nakakahiya na aabot pa sa puntong mga dayuhan pa ang maglilinis ng ating gobyerno? Ito ang isang dahilan kung bakit nawawalan ng respeto ang ibang bansa sa atin, dahil sa hindi natin malinis ang sarili nating bakuran. If Gutierrez is not impeached, the Philippines will graduate from the most corrupt nation in Asia to the most corrupt in the world.

And where was the Ombudsman when all of these cases were happening? She was making sure that the evil schemes of the administration were kept in the shadows and out of public scrutiny—under a modus operandi of delay, distract, cover up, obfuscate and confuse. She was coddling grafters and keeping them from the reach of justice.

We are resolved to attack this syndicate of corruption and expose it in the full light of truth. We know that many in the legislature share our cause, especially those who have been blackmailed and intimidated by the administration to toe the line or else be whimsically investigated by the notorious Ombudsman. We ask them to stand and be counted.

Ang proseso ng impeachment ay ang pinakamabisang paraan para malantad ang lahat sa publiko, lalong-lalo na ang mga operasyon ng gobyerno para itago ang katotohanan. We stand beside Ka Jovy Salonga and our allies. We are proud of their actions in behalf of our people. We further condemn Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez for her malicious remarks against Ka Jovy and demand that she act and speaks under the high standards of decency and civility that inures to her Office

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