Mar calls probe on "Hello Pappy" controversy

Senator Mar Roxas, chair of the Senate trade and commerce committee, will be seeking a probe on the alleged Wowowee controversy which involved host Willie Revillame of ABS-CBN. Roxas made the announcement after Eat Bulaga host Joey De Leon of GMA called on the Senate to look at first the "Hello Pappy" before the "Hello Garci."
"Inuuna nyo yang 'Hello, Garci.' Bakit hindi niyo muna unahin itong 'Hello, Pappy' (You want to look into 'Hello, Garci' first. Why don't you investigate 'Hello, Pappy' before that)" De Leon said.
Pappy is the nickname Revillame is known by on the show and Wilyonaryo is a new game that replaced the old Pera o Bayong segment.

The alleged scam happened in Wilyonaryo when, after the contestant named "Weng" won P137,000 after she chose the money over the wheel, Revillame unveiled the wheels where the 1 million, 2 million, .5 million and house & lot were placed. Unfortunately, when Revillame said that the 2 million was on the violet wheel, it turned out to be ZERO! Co-host Mariel Rodriguez even said "Ay wala!(Ah, there's none!)". Then Revillame said that the 2 million was on him. That turned out to be confusing on the part of the audience and even on my part because I was able to watch the show.

You can see the full video of the alleged scam or as they now call as the "Hello Pappy" controversy courtesy of Youtube.

Roxas said that the probe was in aid of legislation.

We will look into this [Wowowee controversy] by first asking the DTI [Department of Trade and Industry] what are the complaints, who are the complainants, and what it has done and intends to do about this matter," Roxas said in a statement.

Based on this information, we shall file an appropriate resolution for a Senate inquiry with the end goal of strengthening the Consumer Welfare Code,” he added.
Roxas' statement read: "it was important to understand the nature of the alleged rigging involved, and the proper manner and venue in which to address this."

Here's the comment of Revillame on De Leon's attack courtesy of Youtube.
  1. Willie's comments on Joey's personal attacks [1/2] (8.29.07)

  2. Willie's comments on Joey's personal attacks [2/2] (8.29.07)

And here's the comment of De Leon on Revillame's statement, again, courtesy of Youtube.

  1. DAYAAN - Ang Sagot ni Joey kay Willy

By the way, here's a Youtube video explaining on what happened in Wilyonaryo. I hope this helps you:

  1. Wowowee Controversy Explanation

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Why Mar Roxas refuses to talk about his 2010 plans

This is in response of Team Gordon 2010's comment on the article in The Professional Heckler Blog about 2010 wherein it talked about Sen. Richard Gordon's pronouncement that he will run for President in 2010.

In the
comments of the article, Team Gordon 2010 said:

Good evening Mr. Heckler!

In reaction to: “Sen. Richard Gordon is running for president in 2010. If he wins, he’ll become the first Dick to rule the Philippines.” We dare ask, would people rather have a cunt ruling the country?

But seriously, the future is nothing to joke about. We all know that this country needs some serious changes… We can’t leave the tough and terrible business of change to chance… We need somebody with vision, experience and a solid track record for effecting changes that are for real, for better, for everyone and for generations to come… That somebody is Dick Gordon.

Olongapo, Subic, and Tourism… The Philippine National Red Cross… The Fair Elections Act which aims to automate the electoral process in time for the 2010 elections and eliminate wholesale electoral fraud… The tourism bill…

Perhaps, people need to take a closer look at Dick Gordon… He has been ready to the country for a long time.

As for :”Mar Roxas is reportedly eyeing the presidency too but he refuses to talk about his plans for 2010. That makes him a “closet contender” for president.” We were going to ask why he seems so chummy chummy with Joel Salceda, John Osmena, and Boy Abunda?

I agree that Sen. Richard Gordon has indeed made good accomplishments. I applaud him for his great job as Olongapo City mayor, as SBMA Chairman, as Senator and as Philippine National Red Cross Chairman. He has indeed made a mark in public service. But he's not my man for the Presidency, sorry.

Why is Senator Mar Roxas silent on his 2010 plans? We'll he not too silent about it. He talks 2010 but doesn't extends it to a more clear topic. But please don't refer his as "chummy chummy with Joel Salceda, John Osmena, and Boy Abunda." He's just protecting his integrity. Senator Gordon's announcement last July 6, 2007 that he's considering running in 2010 made him already a 2010 guy. He was silent before, but now, after he made that announcement, people will perceive that everything that he will do is for 2010, which I think is not right. He can't do his official functions properly as Senator because many people would quickly think that when he works, he's campaigning early, which I think is unfair for him. That's what Senator Mar Roxas is preventing from.

We'll, if you say that potential presidential candidates should get real and tell the people that they're running, I think it's still not the right time. It's too early for them to do that, but not too early for us (their fans). We can say that "I want him to be the President in 2010!" because it our own decision. We can't speak in behalf of them. What we are doing is to inform them that we support him/her as President in 2010 but still, it's up to them whether they would run or not.

Senator Roxas commends Madrigal singers


Senator Mar Roxas, along with three other senators, praised the Philippine Madrigal Singers for winning the 2007 European Grand Prix for Choral Singing, in Arezzo, Italy.

"The Philippine Madrigal Singers should be recognized for their unprecedented and unparalleled excellence in choral singing, which has brought pride, joy, and inspiration to the Filipino people through their exemplary and world-class choral performance in international competitions," the lawmakers said in filing Senate Resolution No. 107 in the group's honor.

Senators Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, Rodolfo Biazon and Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. co-authored the measure.

The 2007 European Grand Prix for Choral Singing is an annual competition for the winners of the six European choral competitions and inaugurated in 1989.

This year, the Philippine Madrigal Singers, headed by Mark Anthony Carpio, had bested other world-renowned choral groups such as the Taipei Chamber Singers, Cuba's Schola Cantorum Coralina, Hungary's Cantemus Choir and Russia's Children's Choir Vesna.

The Senators pointed out that the Madrigal Singers had already won the European Grand Prix back in 1997. "The Philippine Madrigal Singers is the first and only choral group in the world to win twice the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing, which is also internationally known as the 'Choral Olympics' of the world," they noted.

Speed up Hello Garci probe - Mar Roxas


Senator Mar Roxas on Tuesday called on his colleagues to speed up the investigation on the wiretap controversy, citing the importance of bringing back the dignity of the country's military establishment.

He stressed the need to disclose who is behind the so-called order to the military to engage in wiretapping activity for political purposes.

Former T/Sgt. Vidal Doble has recently spoken to the media of his part in the wiretapping of phone conversations allegedly between President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and former Elections Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano. Doble has been eyed as a witness for Senate hearings on the issue.

Roxas said resolving the controversy would give a sense of closure to the public, and serve as basis for proposed reforms for the military institution.


Senator Mar Roxas called for hearings on the wiretap controversy that rocked the administration two years ago to be fast-tracked.

"Tama lang na ituloy na at bilisan ang hearings na ito para malaman ng sambayanan kung sino ba ang nagbigay ng order na gamitin ang military intelligence unit para sa pulitika," Roxas said.

Former T/Sgt. Vidal Doble has recently spoken to the media of his part in the wiretapping of phone conversations allegedly between President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and former Elections Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano. Doble has been eyed as a witness for Senate hearings on the issue.

Roxas said resolving the controversy would give a sense of closure to the public, and serve as basis for proposed reforms for the military institution.

"Ibalik natin ang dignidad sa AFP. Ang mga sundalo natin ay dapat ginagalang at sinusuportahan, hindi ginagawang private detective agency ng mga nasa poder ng pamahalaan," Roxas said.

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Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog Online Chatbox

Finally, we have already an online chatbox courtesy of Xat.Com. Please leave a message for us in that chatbox which is located at the bottom of this blog. You can interact with online blog visitors and chat with them. Tell your friends about it!

Did Manny mimic Mar?

When I was reviewing the campaign ads of the two front runners, Senator Manny Villar and Senator Mar Roxas, in the 2010 Presidential elections courtesy of Youtube, I had observed something in Villar's ad which was unusual to me. Try to watch the videos!

Villar's ad was like a prelude political ad to his presidential bid (if ever). In his ad, he tries to be with the people to show that he represents them. He tries to reiterate the "Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga" (Mr. Diligence and Perseverance) slogan in his ad. As I recall his campaign jingle, it says "There's affordable housing, there's livelihood for everyone, he helps the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), he defends the women, a loving son, let's go with Manny Villar, in the trust of the people, he is number 1!" Then Villar says "So that the Philippines can be lift up from poverty, Diligence and Perseverance, Villar na!" Doesn't it sounds presidential?

He used "Sipag at Tiyaga" (Diligence and Perseverance) campaign slogan during his 2001 senatorial campaign that referred to his success story. By 2007, he changed the slogan a bit, and made it to refer him as the "Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga" (Mr. Diligence and Perseverance). Did it try to counter Senator Mar Roxas' "Mr. Palengke" slogan?

Another thing also, I was surprised when Sen. Villar had palengke (wet market) tours during his 2007 campaign! Was it to counter again Sen. Roxas' image as "Mr. Palengke"? Well, Sen. Villar was a palengke (wet market) boy, I admit. I had already read his life story. He rosed from rags to riches. He's indeed a survivor! But for me, he's not the man for the job at Malacañang. Sen. Roxas' earned his palengke (wet market) image because of his determination to preserve it as the basic unit of the economy.

But please, let's don't give a damn on popularity and image. Let's see whether that potential candidate for President CAN and WILL serve. Whether it's for Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga or Mr. Palengke, the decision is still in the hands of the voters.

You judge! Did Sen. Villar tried to mimic Sen. Mar's successful campaign?

Mar pushing the Cheaper Medicines bill with Ilongo solons

They had indeed joined forces in order to help bring down the cost of our very expensive medicines which deprives our fellow citizens from having the quality healthcare they need no matter what the big pharmaceutical companies do.

Together with Senator Mar Roxas, who is pushing the Cheaper Medicines bill (Senate Bill No. 2263) in the Senate, his fellow Ilongos in the House are also helping him in order to expedite the passage of the said bill. These Ilongo solons are as follows:
  1. Iloilo Representative Janette Garin
  2. Iloilo Representative Ferjenel Biron
  3. Capiz Representative Antonio del Rosario
  4. South Cotabato Representative Arthur Pinggoy (also an Ilonggo)

Rep. Garin even said that "Maybe, he (Senator Mar Roxas) found a good campaign slogan in it for his presidential bid in 2010." Even if it's for 2010 or not, it's still for the people. He is being perceived that every thing he does today is for 2010.

Let's hope that together, they can reconcile their different versions of the Cheaper Medicines bill so that they could fast-track the bill immediately.

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Mar Roxas on JPEPA

Senate hearings soon

Efren Danao reports in “Agreement’s fate depends on how well government allays fears of concerned sectors” that the senators are taking the ratification of JPEPA very seriously. He tells us that Committee on Foreign Relations Chairwoman Sen. Miriam Santiago will begin public hearings on the JPEPA next week.

Sen. Mar Roxas, chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce, will be active in these public hearings.

Only a week ago, Roxas reminded Malacañang that he and his colleagues would scrutinize all the details of the JPEPA weigh the comments of all affected sectors.
My vote, as well as that of my colleagues, for or against JPEPA, will not solely depend on the text of the 974-page treaty but more important on how the government intends to address perceived threats or losses,” he said.

On the perceived threat of toxic waste entering the country, Roxas senator said the government must give “a clear statement” that Republic Act 6969—the law regulating toxic and hazardous waste—will not be superseded by the pact.

Mar Roxas on ANC is now on Youtube

For those who missed the interview of Senator Mar Roxas in Ricky Carandang's show (The Big Picture), here's the Youtube video uploaded by senatormarroxas.

Mar Roxas speaks on the Opposition and the Presidency

Mar Roxas speaks on the Affordable Medicines Bill

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Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Youtube Stream

I am happy to announce that I have just recently created the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Youtube Stream in Youtube. In order to view the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Youtube Stream, you need to log in using your Youtube account. If you don't have a Youtube account, sign up now by visiting this link. In this Youtube stream, you can chat online with people who are in the stream and watch videos related to Mar Roxas. As of this moment, I have only compiled 9 videos related to Mar Roxas. If you know any Youtube videos that are still not included in our Youtube stream, please e-mail us at

In their website, Youtube Stream is:
Ever wanted share YouTube with other people in real-time? We're willing to bet you've already been doing that, so now we're making it easier. With Streams, you can create a YouTube room to watch and interact with other users while sharing videos. Everyone in the room can add videos from their Favorites, QuickList, or by pasting in links, and make a running commentary as the videos play.

We hope you have a lot of fun with Streams, so please send us your feedback. Also, remember that Streams are public and subject to YouTube's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Read the Safety Tips if you're new to chatting online.

So, check out the site and share your Youtube videos about Mar Roxas. Visit

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Vote the right and capable one! The TV ad

The Short Version
Try to watch this newly-uploaded video in Youtube by ramonaantonio starring our idol, Senator Mar Roxas. As you can remember, this political TV ad was played during the 2007 midterm elections. He was not up for election then because his term that started last June 30, 2004 will end this June 30, 2010. This ad is still in the tune of "Mr. Suave", that he also used in 2004 when he ran for Senator, with the message of voting the right and capable candidates from national to local. Have fun with the video!

The Original Version

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Resume peace talks w/ Reds - Sen. Mar Roxas


The communist-led National Democratic Front (NDF) welcomed Senator Manuel Roxas' call to resume stalled peace negotiations with the government.

Luis Jalandoni, chair of the NDF peace negotiating panel, said the revolutionary movement favors the resumption of formal peace talks on the basis of The Hague Joint Declaration and other bilateral agreements.

“Whatever help Senator Mar Roxas can extend towards the resumption of formal peace talks and the stopping of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances will be appreciated by the NDF,” Jalandoni said in a statement sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, parent company of

In his speech at the Kilosbayan-Bantay Katarungan Forum at the Lyceum of the Philippines University last Friday, Roxas called on government to take up initiatives to provide much-needed stability to the nation amid conflicts between various factions.

The senator urged both the government and the NDF, the umbrella group of organizations within the communist rebel movement, to resume the peace talks without any preconditions from either side.


Excuse me? Mar is a ‘pseudo-oppositionist’?

I would like to comment on Mr. Wency Gunio's statement in Inquirer (from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). I think it's absurd to call Senator Mar Roxas a pseudo-oppositionist! In his reaction, he said that:

NO way, Mar. You are a pseudo-oppositionist.

You want to align yourself with the opposition because you feel it is the “in” thing nowadays, notwithstanding the fact that opposition contenders for the presidency is already [an] overcrowded [group].

If all of you don’t shape up, you will find yourselves clobbered by Malacañang’s annointed one.

Your arguments are completely wrong Mr. Gunio. In conventional wisdom, I must respect you for being more older than me, but I shall also say that not all older people are right for not all of us are equal, right? Senator Mar Roxas was an opposition even before the 2007 midterm elections. He was even hired to be the Genuine Opposition's spokesperson, but he declined and instead it went to Atty. Adel Tamano. He may have shifted allegiance to Mrs. Arroyo but what he did was to go for the right thing rather than stay on the wrong one. It was his decision and the people indeed proven it during the last midterm elections. How about Manny Villar? Loren Legarda? Weren't they also, in your point of view, a pseudo-oppositionist?

We'll, I agree with your last statement. If the political opposition is too confident with the people's trust they got last elections and scramble out on furnishing their presidential ambitions in 2010, they might end up sharing the opposition votes thus making the administration's bet win (whether it's Dick Gordon or Noli De Castro).

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Not your Ordinary Campaign

This Mar Roxas for President in 2010 is not your ordinary campaign.

What to expect in this campaign:

Our campaign operations will take time to grow, but remember, big things start from small. We need volunteers like YOU who have the skills and can tell your neighborhood about this ongoing campaign. It's good to start early. If you are READY, WILLING and STANDING BY to support the campaign, then e-mail your NAME, COMPLETE ADDRESS, and CONTACT NUMBER to us at and be counted. You will be contacted as needs arise.

What not to expect in this campaign:

The Mar Roxas for President in 2010 campaign would only succeed if you take its future into your own hands. Contribute to the campaign! If you're a blogger, then blog about Mar Roxas. If you're a local leader, then tell the people about Mar Roxas' programs and projects. If you're a student, tell your colleagues about Mar Roxas. Whoever you are, whatever you stand for, if you are with Mar Roxas and you want him to place him in Malacañang by 2010, then do your part. Every little way you do would contribute a lot to our campaign. So, don't forget to e-mail your NAME, COMPLETE ADDRESS, and CONTACT NUMBER to us at and let's start from the grassroots level.

Ducky Paredes is for Mar Roxas in 2010!

In his blog, Mr. Horacio "Ducky" Paredes has thrown his support to Senator Mar Roxas as the next President of the Philippines this 2010.

In his post entitled "
Sunugin ang Inismagel na Langis?", he said:

"Ngayon pa lamang, parang gusto ko nang pumanig kay Mar Roxas sa kaniyang kagustohang maging presidente ng bansa sa 2010. Noong tinanong ni Ricky Carandang ng ANC kung tatakbo ba si Mar Roxas bilang pangulo natin sa 2010, ganito ang naging sagot ng Senador: “Who knows what 2010 will bring. But if your question is, do I want change for our country, the answer is yes. If your question is, do I think I can do a better job, the answer is yes. If your question is, do I think that our country could be in a much better place, the answer is yes.

Ang nagugustohan ko sa sagot ni Senador Mar Roxas ay ang hindi niya nakakalimutan kung bakit siya tatakbo bilang pangulo ng bansa natin. Dahil sa gusto niyang mayroong mangyayari sa ating pamumuhay na hindi natin nakakamit ngayon. Kahit matagal pa ang halalan sa 2010, ngayon pa lamang, parang nakikita na natin ang pag-panaw ni Gloria at nakakapa-gaan na agad ng pakiramdam."

I agree with what Mr. Paredes said in his column. Senator Mar Roxas is the man for the job in Malacañang and for the Filipino people.

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Support Mar on Youtube!

Do you support Mar Roxas for President in 2010?

Our future lies on a President who will lead us towards a better and prosperous nation as what we were before. We believe that Senator Mar Roxas will be the right man for that job by 2010. He has the ability to move this country forward towards prosperity. If you support Senator Mar Roxas as our next President in 2010, make your video of support through Youtube! I will also post your videos here in the blog and let your fellow compatriots out there know that your for Mar Roxas!

This is your chance to let your support for Mar Roxas as the next President of the Philippines be heard -- through Youtube video -- so what are you waiting for? Grab that camera now and start rolling! Goodluck!

  • Be creative -- make your video original.
  • Be believable -- show to the people that you are sincere to support Mar Roxas.
  • Be concise -- make it short but meaningful (English and/or Filipino language will do).
  • Be heard properly -- speak loudly and keep that camera steady.
  • Please note -- all videos are subject to the YouTube Terms of Use.
Send your Youtube video address to with your Name, Hometown and Contact number and have your Youtube video be featured in this blog!

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Another Bisaya in Malacañang by 2010

By 2010, if Senator Mar Roxas decides to run for President of the Philippines and hopefully wins, he would be the 4th Bisaya to stay in the Malacañang Palace.

The first was Sergio Osmeña (Cebu), then Sen. Roxas' grandfather Manuel Roxas (Capiz) and the last, Carlos Garcia (Bohol).

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Senator Mar Roxas texts back

Just this Sunday afternoon, it was 3:30 PM, I was privileged to ask Senator Mar Roxas one question, and that's through TEXT message. My question was this:

"Senator Mar, good afternoon. What can you say about JDV's pronouncement that the LP and NP would not be capable of fielding its own presidential candidate because they (Lakas-NUCD) would still be in 2010?"
By 5:07 PM, he replied my TEXT message and said:
"The administration party should heed the message of the last elections. The public is tired of politics done through an entrenched system of patronage. Unlike the Speaker, I believe it is essential to bring back romance to politics because leaders ought to listen to and embody their people's aspirations and dreams. Without such lofty goals and aspirations, politics will just be about deal-making and power-brokering and our country will remain as backward and divided as it is now."
Indeed, Speaker Jose De Venecia's belittling of Liberal Party and the Nacionalista Party to shake-up Lakas-NUCD by 2010 is a myth. As the 2010 Presidential election comes near, more and more local and national leaders would realign their forces to their presidential bets. Who would be left in the Lakas-NUCD? Vice President Noli de Castro is an INDEPENDENT though he is identified with the Lakas-NUCD for alliance purposes. Speaker JDV denies rumors that he's running for Prime Minister (if ever Charter Change resurrects in Congress) or President in 2010. MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando might be fielded for Senator in 2010, or even Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte. Let's just watch this very exciting movie, showing this 2010 at theaters near you!

LP, NP ready for 2010 polls sans JDV's word

Despite the belittling of House Speaker Jose De Venecia on the capability of the Liberal Party and Nacionalista Party to field and win their own presidential candidate, the grand old parties of the Philippines are ready.

Roxas said that “In fact, politics, governance, is focused on the romance of hope, on the romance of change, of reforms. That is what our people are waiting for. That is the message they want to convey and simply counting the members of a party as against another party is only a politician’s talk.”

On the other hand, Senate President Manny Villar said “Of course, we are ready," but he also told the media that it's too early to know if he's the NP's bet.

Then there's Sen. Richard Gordon who just admitted his plans for 2010. Well, he's qualified, though, he may need to realize that if he'll run under the administration ticket, he should give way to Vice President Noli de Casto being the anointed successor of President Gloria Arroyo.

Senators Loren Legarda, Panfilo Lacson and Chiz Escudero haven't made a comment yet about their plans for 2010.

Roxas denies knowledge about ouster moves vs. Villar

From Inquirer.Net

Villar on ouster move ‘jitters from uneasy posture’-- Roxas

Senate President Manuel Villar's revelation that he was being ousted was just “jitters from an uneasy posture,” Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II said Thursday.

“I am not aware of, part of, or familiar with talks [to oust Villar as Senate president],” he told reporters at the Kapihan sa Senado when asked if he knew of any move.

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A challenging start for the Mar Roxas 2010 campaign

The results are in, for the first survey of potential Presidential candidates for 2010. It seems that Sen. Mar Roxas is struggling behind other potential 2010 Presidential candidates. I would like to ask your help, those who are willing to support Sen. Mar Roxas for President in 2010, please spread the news about this blog, Mr. Laviña's blog and the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 petition. By the way, here's the first 2010 election survey made by the Pulse Asia as reported by The Daily Tribune:

Sen. Loren Legarda (32%)
- She's a popular person especially her long media exposure as journalist and a public servant. Proof to that was her election victories in 1998 and 2007 wherein she both placed number in 1. That may be one of her greatest assets. But still, it's too early to call her the winner.

Vice President Noli "Kabayan" De Castro (21%)
- The groomed successor of the unpopular President (is she the President?) of the Philippines. He has also a popular image to the image especially on the masses because of his media exposure as then journalist. Will he get close to Mrs. Arroyo as the 2010 election gets close?

Sen. Panfilo "Ping" Lacson (19%)
- The third placer in the last 2004 Presidential elections. He was blamed for disarraying the opposition in 2004 that's why FPJ lost to GMA. Will he be still in the 3rd Place if he AGAIN decides to run in 2010?

Sen. Manuel "Mar" Roxas II (8%)
- Somewhat disappointing, but still, 2010 is still 2 years and 9 months away. We can still build-up on the grassroots level and spread the news to the people. Sen. Roxas has still the ample time on proving to the people that he's worthy to be in Malacañang by 2010. Together, let's intensify our advocacy!

Sen. Richard "Dick" Gordon (3%)
- The political hypocrite in the Senate. He already declared that he's indeed running for President in 2010 and he's forming his own party! That's the power of money. Will he get the sweet "YES" of the voters?

Our blog has been featured by the Inquirer!

I was very happy that finally, the media has noticed this blog. I am very thankful for the Inquirer for featuring my blog and also Mr. Peter Laviña's blog which is A Liberal in Malacanang in 2010 in their article entitled "Battle looming between LP and NP for presidency in 2010 ". Together, we can now tell the people to be involved in shaping up the 2010 Presidential elections. I agree that it's still early to talk about it but we need to think of the future and learn from the past.

I am representing the youth of the future, and I must admit that we are in a search for a leader who can lead us towards prosperity and greater development. I am blogging for Senator Mar Roxas II as the next President of our country not for my own good, but for the own good of our country. I made my choice and I am sure of it.

I can foresee a great battle between the Liberal Party, Nacionalista Party and the Lakas-CMD Party in the upcoming 2010 elections. I hope that blogging would play a greater role in the next elections as it did in the last 2007 Midterm elections. I am happy that more and more people now are joining our advocacy. Hope to see more and more coming!

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Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Petition

To all the Filipino voters out there, please sign the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Petition that I have just created from Petitionspot.Com

The petition goes like this:

Whereas, the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be coming to an end this June 30, 2010;

Whereas, the Filipinos will be in search of a new leader by 2010 who can invigorate and strengthen them and lead the country into a new perspective;

Whereas, the Filipinos will be entering the second decade of the second millennium full of hopes and aspirations that their country will return to its former glory through the utilization of information technology;

To read more and sign the petition, please visit:

Show your support to Senator Mar Roxas as our next President! Don't forget to tell your friends about this blog and the petition.

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Funding The SONA Promises

From Senator Mar Roxas' Official Website

The President listed the following as sources of funds for all the projects enumerated in her State of the Nation Address:

• P1 trillion from state revenues, with tax reforms and firm orders to BIR and Customs to hit their targets.”

• P300 Billion from state corporations.”

• The balance from government financial institutions, private sector investments, local government equity, and our bilateral and multilateral partners.”

Other than this vague list and a new plan to use Information Technology to increase tax collection, the President barely addressed the problem of revenue collections in her State of the Nation Address.

Against this backdrop, Fitch, an international credit rating agency, released its first-quarter report today (Tuesday) citing the government’s poor performance in tax collections and expressed doubt that a P63-billion revenue shortfall target for the year could be met.

The people, therefore, deserve to know the full details of the Finance Department’s plan to meet its revenue shortfalls. Which “prime” government assets will be sold, for how much and on what terms? Who are the prospective buyers? Will the bidding processes be cut short, just to meet deadlines?

Huwag tayong pumayag na ang mga pag-aari ng gobyerno na may pinakamalaking pakinabang sa hinaharap ay mapapabilang sa “ukay-ukay” na ito ng DoF para lamang matapalan ang kakulangan ng koleksyon ng BIR at BoC.

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Meet Mar Roxas (Ilonggo Version)

Si Mar Roxas napilian bilang Senador sang 2004 nga nakaangkon sang kapin sa 20 milyones ka boto nga ginakabig nga pinakamataas nga boto sang isa ka kandidato sa Kasaysayan sang eleksiyon sa Pilipinas. Dala ining pagsalig sang pumuluyo, iya ginpakigbato ang iya nga kawsa halin pa sang siya Congressman sa Primer Distrito sang Capiz kag bilang Sekretaryo sang Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Kilala bilang Mr. Palengke, si Mar masami nga yara sa pag-atubang sa mga isyu nga labaw pa sa pagproteksiyon sang mga konsumidor. Bag-o siya nangin Senador, iya ginpakigbato ang interes sang mga pumuluyo sa patag sang de-kalidad nga edukasyon, palangabuhian paagi sa pagnegosyo, ikaayong lawas kag ang hayag kag tampad nga pangginobyerno.

Nagbilin si Mar sang marka sa Kamara de Representante nga sa diin, sa pihak sang pagpamatuk sang multinasyonal nga kumpanya sang bulong, iya ginpakigbato ang kinamatarong sang tagsa kag Pilipino nga makaagum sang de-kalidad apang barato nga bulong, kawsa nga iya gintindugan halin sang pagkamatay sang iya manghod sa lamharon nga edad nga 32.

Ini nga krusada iya ginbalay sa programa nga Presyong Tama, Gamot Pampamilya nga ginlunsar sang siya Sekretaryo pa sang DTI kag nakahatag benepisyo sa minilyon nga mga Pilipino nga nagakinahanglan sang epektibo apang barato nga bulong. Sa Senado, iya ginpapasar ang RA 9502 ukon ang Universally Accessible, Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008 nga nagin laye na sadtong Hunyo 7, 2008.

Ginapakigbato sa karon ni Mar ang nagakabagay nga implementasyon sang sini nga laye kag ang pagpasar sang 1 bilyon nga pundo sa 2009 para gamiton sa importasyon sang mga bulong pilang pauna nga tikang para malab-ot ang tinutuyo sang laye.

Si Mar ang Chairman sa Komite sa Trade and Industry kag Edukasyon bagay nga nagapadayon sang iya kawsa para nga ang aton ekonomiya kag ang kaisipan sang aton mga kabataan mangin mabaskog kag mabinungahon. Co-Chair man siya sang Congressional Oversight Committee on the Electronic Commerce Law.

Daku ang iya pagkabalaka sa konsumidor nga natuntuhan nga magbakal sang manubo nga kalidad sang balaklon. Iya ginpangunahan ang mga imbestigayon kag ang pagtuon para mapasanyog ang Consumer Code of the Philippines, ang pagbutang sang mga tanda sa mga balaklon nga may genetically-modified organisms (GMO) kag ang mga hagna batuk sa pyramiding kag iban pa nga sahi sang irregularidad ukon scam.

Sang ginbatyag sang pre-need industry ang kapiot dala sang indi maayo nga pagpatikang nga halos magdula sa pinabalhasan sang mga mga nilibo sini nga plan holders, iya ginaproponer ang Pre-Need Act of 2005 nga tuyo nga pabaskugon ang mga regulasyon sa industriya kag maproteksiyonan ang mga kunsumidor. Ang iya liderato sa karon padayon nga nagahatag sang seguridad kag pag-asa sa mga plan holders.

Si Mar isa man ka mabaskog nga kampeyon sang information and communications technology (ICT). Ginakabig si Mar nga “Father of the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing Industries,” bangud iya ginakabig kag ginahimulatan ang potensiyal sang Pilipinas bilang global e-services hub.

Bilang Sekretaryo sang DTI, iya ginlunsar ang proyekto nga “Make IT Philippines” ka iya gin-organisar ang labing una nga IT-enabled services (ITES) road show sa Estados Unidos nga nagdala diri sang dalagko nga investor sa Pilipinas kag naghatag sang trabaho sa mga Pilipino.

Gin-implementar man ni Mar ang “PCs for Public Schools” para sa mga manunudlo kag estudyante. Sa karon, sobra sa 30,000 na nga mga kompyuter ang napanagtag sa 2.000 ka eskwelahan sa bilog nga Pilipinas kag ginagamit na sang tunga sa milyon ka mga estudyante sa tagsa ka tuig.

Si Mar man ang awtor sang Omnibus Education Reform Bill nga tuyo sini ang pagpasanyog sang sistema sang aton edukasyon paagi sa paghanas sang mga manunudlo, pagpakay-o sang sistema sang pagtudlo kag ang pagsukat sang ikasangkol sang mga estudyante. Sayod siya nga indi sarang bulngon ang sakit sang aton sistema sa edukasyon, iya ginproponer ang reporma nga igapatigayon sa sulod sang 10 ka amat-amat nga maibalik sa iya sini nga kalidad.

Bilang bag-o nga Chairman sang Edukasyon sa Senado, si Mar nagapasalig nga pagdayunon ang mga reporma sa sistema sang aton edukasyon para mapunggan ang tayuyon nga pagnubo sang iya kalidad kag maipatigayon nga mabuligan sang mga Pilipino ang ila kaugalingon nga mapaumwad ang iya pangabuhi.

Sa tion sang krisis sa ekonomiya, masami nga ang interes sang pumulyo ang nagapangibabaw kay Mar. Iya ginpakigbato nga maibalik ang kwara sa bulsa sang mga pumuluyo paagi sa iya pagtulod nga suspendihon ang VAT sa krudo kag gasolina kag sang iya pagpasar sa laye nga nagahatag exemption sa mga Minimum Wage Earners sa pagbayad sang income tax.

Sa tion sang global financial meltdown nga nangin rason sa pagkadula sang minilyon nga trabaho sa Estados Unidos lamang, ginpanawagan ni Mar ang realignment sang national budget bangud isya nagapati nga ini ginpasar nga wala ginkonsidera ang alatubangon nga krisis kag ang kaundan sini indi makasabat sa kinahanglanon sang Gobyerno nga malampuwasan ang sitwasyon.

Si Mar nagapati sa pagbag-o sang polisiya nga nasandig sa incrementalism. Ini naga resulta lamang sang “gamay nga paghimo sang bagay para mangin malipay ang tanan." Sa sini nga mentalidad, wala halos kita malab-ot nga pag-umwad bangud indi naton mahatagan sang kumprehensibo nga solusyon ang mga problema.
Ang “Political will,” para ka Mar, “amo ang disiplina sang pagsiling sang INDI.”

Para ka Mar, ang paggamit sang politikal nga liderato nagakinahanglan sang responsibilidad kag katampad. Ini nga pagpati napamatud-an sa iya posisyon sa Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain sa tunga sang Administrasyon ni Presidente Arroyo kag sang Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) nga gindeklarar sang Korte Suprema nga unconstitutional kag sang iya pagpakigbato sa korupsiyon sa gobyerno kapareho sang mga isyu sa NBN-ZTE broadband deal, sa P728-million fertilizer fund scam kag sa Euro General.

Bangud sang iya ikasangkol, handum kag sinseridad nga bag-uhon ang kontrata sa pumuluyo, dala ang maayo nga tradisyon sang iya ginikanan, ang iya gugma sa tama nga lugar, si Mar nag marka na bilang isa ka lider nga may misyon, kaisog kag pagpati nga sabton ang mga isyu nga ginapangatubang sang aton pungsod nga naggapos sa aton pumuluyo sa kaimulon kag pagpangduha-duha.

Courtesy of MarRoxas.Com

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Meet Mar Roxas

Mar Roxas was elected into the Senate in 2004 with approximately 20 million votes, the most obtained by a candidate in any Philippine election. Armed with this mandate, he forged on with advocacies championed since his days as a Congressman of the first district of Capiz and later on as Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Well-known as “Mr. Palengke,” Mar has been at the forefront of issues extending beyond consumer protection and empowerment. Long before he became Senator, he worked quietly to push forward the people’s agenda on quality education, livelihood opportunities through small and medium enterprises, health care, and transparency and accountability in government.

Mar made his mark in the House of Representatives where, against pressure from different interests, particularly multinational drug companies, he fought for the right of every Filipino to quality affordable medicines, a personal advocacy adopted since the death of his brother from a lingering illness at the young age of 32.

This crusade was founded on the Presyong Tama, Gamot Pampamilya program, launched during his tenure as Trade and Industry Secretary, which benefited millions of Filipinos direly in need of effective, low-cost medicines. In the Senate, the crusade continued with Mar’s authorship of Republic Act No. 9502, or the Universally Accessible, Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008, signed into law in June 7, 2008.

Mar is now fighting for the proper implementation of the law, and considers the Senate’s approval of a P1-billion budget in 2009 for the parallel importation of cheap medicines in 2009 as an important step in that direction.

Mar chairs the Senate Committees on Trade and Industry, and Education, which sustain his passion to keep the economy and young people’s minds, both robust and competitive. He is also co-chair of the Congressional Oversight Committee on the Electronic Commerce Law.

His heart goes out to consumers who are shortchanged into buying substandard products. He led official probes aimed at strengthening the Consumer Code of the Philippines, the enforcement of proper labeling of goods containing genetically-modified organisms, and stronger safeguards against pyramiding and other similar scams.

When the pre-need industry succumbed to a mismanagement-spawned financial crisis that threatened to wipe out the hard-earned investments of hundreds of thousands of consumers, Mar filed the Pre-Need Act of 2005 to improve and strengthen industry regulation and safeguard consumer interest. His leadership continues to provide to provide a sense of security and hope to pre-need plan holders.

Mar has also been a staunch advocate of information and communications technology as a tool for national progress. Hailed as the “Father of the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing Industries,” he recognized and cultivated the potential of the Philippines as a global e-services hub.

As trade and industry secretary, he launched the “Make IT Philippines” project and organized the first IT-enabled services (ITES) road show to the US, which drew the biggest global industry names to invest in the country, creating thousands of jobs for Filipino workers.

Mar also implemented the “PCs for Public Schools” project to provide wider IT access to students and educators. To date, the program has distributed over 30,000 computers to over 2,000 public schools nationwide, providing hands-on computer training to half a million students yearly.

Mar also authored the Omnibus Education Reform Bill, which seeks to strengthen the Philippine education system through interventions on the quality of teachers, the medium of instruction, and the evaluation of students’ aptitude, among others. Recognizing that the problem cannot be fixed overnight, he has called for a ten-year strategic educational reform agenda that would address the ills of the system and nurse it back to full health.

As the new Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Mar has vowed to pursue these wide-ranging reforms in the education system to address a steady decline in the quality of graduates and improve Filipinos’ ability to improve their lives.

In times of economic hardship, Mar has always acted with the interest of the people in mind. He has fought to “put the money back in people’s pockets,” as reflected in his stand on the suspension of the VAT on oil and the passage of his Law Exempting Minimum Wage Earners from Income Tax.

Following the global financial meltdown that has caused more than a million job losses in the United States alone, Mar has called for the realignment of the national budget in the face of the global financial crisis, believing that the 2009 budget drafted under “normalcy” assumptions times is not responsive to the socioeconomic challenges of the looming crisis situation.

Mar has consistently pushed a paradigm shift in policy-making by rejecting the practice of incrementalism, which has resulted in “doing a little bit of everything to please everyone.” This mentality, he says, has caused gridlock in our political system, thus putting the country in stasis.

“Political will,” he has always believed, “is the discipline to say no.”

For Mar, the exercise of public leadership demands accountability and transparency. These ideals anchored his stand against the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain between the Arroyo Administration and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional, and in battling corruption in government such as the NBN-ZTE broadband deal, the P728-million fertilizer fund scam and the Euro General issue.

With the competence, vision, and passion to renew the social contract; armed with the legacy of his forebears; and with his heart in its right place, Mar has carved his own path as a national leader, one with a sense of mission and the courage of conviction to act on the most pressing issues that keep the Filipino people imprisoned in poverty and uncertainty.

Courtesy of MarRoxas.Com

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