Mar calls probe on "Hello Pappy" controversy

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Senator Mar Roxas, chair of the Senate trade and commerce committee, will be seeking a probe on the alleged Wowowee controversy which involved host Willie Revillame of ABS-CBN. Roxas made the announcement after Eat Bulaga host Joey De Leon of GMA called on the Senate to look at first the "Hello Pappy" before the "Hello Garci."
"Inuuna nyo yang 'Hello, Garci.' Bakit hindi niyo muna unahin itong 'Hello, Pappy' (You want to look into 'Hello, Garci' first. Why don't you investigate 'Hello, Pappy' before that)" De Leon said.
Pappy is the nickname Revillame is known by on the show and Wilyonaryo is a new game that replaced the old Pera o Bayong segment.

The alleged scam happened in Wilyonaryo when, after the contestant named "Weng" won P137,000 after she chose the money over the wheel, Revillame unveiled the wheels where the 1 million, 2 million, .5 million and house & lot were placed. Unfortunately, when Revillame said that the 2 million was on the violet wheel, it turned out to be ZERO! Co-host Mariel Rodriguez even said "Ay wala!(Ah, there's none!)". Then Revillame said that the 2 million was on him. That turned out to be confusing on the part of the audience and even on my part because I was able to watch the show.

You can see the full video of the alleged scam or as they now call as the "Hello Pappy" controversy courtesy of Youtube.

Roxas said that the probe was in aid of legislation.

We will look into this [Wowowee controversy] by first asking the DTI [Department of Trade and Industry] what are the complaints, who are the complainants, and what it has done and intends to do about this matter," Roxas said in a statement.

Based on this information, we shall file an appropriate resolution for a Senate inquiry with the end goal of strengthening the Consumer Welfare Code,” he added.
Roxas' statement read: "it was important to understand the nature of the alleged rigging involved, and the proper manner and venue in which to address this."

Here's the comment of Revillame on De Leon's attack courtesy of Youtube.
  1. Willie's comments on Joey's personal attacks [1/2] (8.29.07)

  2. Willie's comments on Joey's personal attacks [2/2] (8.29.07)

And here's the comment of De Leon on Revillame's statement, again, courtesy of Youtube.

  1. DAYAAN - Ang Sagot ni Joey kay Willy

By the way, here's a Youtube video explaining on what happened in Wilyonaryo. I hope this helps you:

  1. Wowowee Controversy Explanation

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