Senator Mar Roxas texts back

Just this Sunday afternoon, it was 3:30 PM, I was privileged to ask Senator Mar Roxas one question, and that's through TEXT message. My question was this:

"Senator Mar, good afternoon. What can you say about JDV's pronouncement that the LP and NP would not be capable of fielding its own presidential candidate because they (Lakas-NUCD) would still be in 2010?"
By 5:07 PM, he replied my TEXT message and said:
"The administration party should heed the message of the last elections. The public is tired of politics done through an entrenched system of patronage. Unlike the Speaker, I believe it is essential to bring back romance to politics because leaders ought to listen to and embody their people's aspirations and dreams. Without such lofty goals and aspirations, politics will just be about deal-making and power-brokering and our country will remain as backward and divided as it is now."
Indeed, Speaker Jose De Venecia's belittling of Liberal Party and the Nacionalista Party to shake-up Lakas-NUCD by 2010 is a myth. As the 2010 Presidential election comes near, more and more local and national leaders would realign their forces to their presidential bets. Who would be left in the Lakas-NUCD? Vice President Noli de Castro is an INDEPENDENT though he is identified with the Lakas-NUCD for alliance purposes. Speaker JDV denies rumors that he's running for Prime Minister (if ever Charter Change resurrects in Congress) or President in 2010. MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando might be fielded for Senator in 2010, or even Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte. Let's just watch this very exciting movie, showing this 2010 at theaters near you!

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on August 12, 2007 at 11:01 PM  

hey kevin, i have a suggestion, maybe you can make an easier link to your petition. i know a lot of other - older - less technologically aware who did know what to click and stuff. thanks!mar2010!

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