Excuse me? Mar is a ‘pseudo-oppositionist’?

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I would like to comment on Mr. Wency Gunio's statement in Inquirer (from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). I think it's absurd to call Senator Mar Roxas a pseudo-oppositionist! In his reaction, he said that:

NO way, Mar. You are a pseudo-oppositionist.

You want to align yourself with the opposition because you feel it is the “in” thing nowadays, notwithstanding the fact that opposition contenders for the presidency is already [an] overcrowded [group].

If all of you don’t shape up, you will find yourselves clobbered by Malacañang’s annointed one.

Your arguments are completely wrong Mr. Gunio. In conventional wisdom, I must respect you for being more older than me, but I shall also say that not all older people are right for not all of us are equal, right? Senator Mar Roxas was an opposition even before the 2007 midterm elections. He was even hired to be the Genuine Opposition's spokesperson, but he declined and instead it went to Atty. Adel Tamano. He may have shifted allegiance to Mrs. Arroyo but what he did was to go for the right thing rather than stay on the wrong one. It was his decision and the people indeed proven it during the last midterm elections. How about Manny Villar? Loren Legarda? Weren't they also, in your point of view, a pseudo-oppositionist?

We'll, I agree with your last statement. If the political opposition is too confident with the people's trust they got last elections and scramble out on furnishing their presidential ambitions in 2010, they might end up sharing the opposition votes thus making the administration's bet win (whether it's Dick Gordon or Noli De Castro).

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