Senator Roxas in Cebu

Senator Mar Roxas was in Cebu yesterday and was able to be with his staff for the whole day. It was a privilege to be with Senator Roxas in Cebu as this was my first time to see him here.

First stop in the morning was the Pre-Need Forum hosted by the Parents Enabling Parents (PEP) Coalition, headed by Philip Piccio, together with Senator Roxas in the Kalambuan Hall of the Cebu Normal University. The forum was jampacked with people who were lured by Celso de los Angeles' scam. Senator Roxas was committed in making this liable of this scam, be imprisoned, not only Celso de los Angeles but also those judges from the Regional Trial Courts and Court of Appeals to tried to protect Celso de los Angeles by issuing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). He noted that only the Supreme Court can issue a TRO and not the lower courts.

Roxas understands the situation of the Legacy victims and he wants to resolve this issue. He said that unlike other Senate investigations, that after a few months are already forgotten, he would continue to support the Legacy victims until they get back the money the Celso de los Angeles illegally used. The money that these people invested for the future of their sons and daughters, for the future of their business and for the future of their jobs.

Concerns were raised about the filing fee that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is asking for every case that is filed. Roxas told the audience that he had already waived for the filing fee in order to encourage more victims to file a case against Celso de los Angeles and his company, but it seems that the DOJ is acting on it slowly. He said that DOJ formed a Task Force on Bank Fraud last 2005 but until now, the Task Force wasn't able to file a case to anyone. It was disappointing to know this. What the hell is the DOJ doing?

Someone also wanted to clarify the services offered by Roxas on the Legacy victims. Roxas clarified that he would provide only free legal support from lawyers. He said he was not a "bolero". He admitted that he can't support the filing fees and other fees of all the Legacy victims. He suggested that the victims would file a "class suit" so that they can save from the cost instead of having everyone filing the case separately.

The last person who asked a question in the Pre-Need Forum was an interesting one. It was her who made Roxas exclaimed "This Legacy was a scam since day one!" I forgot to list her name, but Roxas will be inviting her to the Senate hearing on the Legacy scam.

After the forum, I was off the meet Ma'am Ines Delfin, one of Roxas' media staff whom I contacted for this. When Senator Roxas left the forum, the team went straight to Café Laguna in Ayala Terraces. But I and Ma'am Ines opted to be left behind from the convoy. So, we thought that it was going to be at the Cebu City Hall, but we were informed that it was in Café Laguna. OMG!

A few minutes later, we arrived in Café Laguna for lunch. In there were the Cebu City councilors and Roxas. We waited for Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña to arrive. Around 12:35 PM, Osmeña arrived. Only a few media were allowed to enter. I was privileged to shot some pictures. Together with the Mayor was his wife, Margot and son Miguel.

It was supposed to be a private lunch but a few media sneaked in. Another surprise visitor who came in was no other than Dra. Vicky Belo! In the other room was the Belo Launching in Cebu Press Conference. I'll talk about this later. Belo had a little chat with Osmeña and Roxas.

After the lunch, we immediately proceeded to Cebu State College of Science and Technology. Roxas was about to give an inspirational speech on the graduates. He challenged them not to believe in destiny. He urged them to write their own destiny and to be prepared with the real world. He also told them that the problem was not on the people, but on the leaders.

There were a lot of people around the gym where the graduation was held but Roxas has to go back home before ending the graduation rites. He told the graduates that he has still another appointments to attend.

It was my first time to ride a convoy of a public official. I joined the convoy from the school to the Mactan Cebu International Airport. At around 3:30 PM, Roxas bid goodbye to the Cebuanos as he returns to Manila. He promised that he would still be coming back.

This experience is so memorable. I loved it. How I wish it could happen again! Senator Roxas in Cebu.

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