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It was nice meeting someone like Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr. who is a motivational speaker. I just heard about him when he was invited by our school to give a talk on "Maximize Your Potential: How to Go Beyond Your Limits" to Cebu Institute of Technology students.

I wasn't able to attend that seminar of Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr. yesterday though, but I was able to meet him in the office of Mr. Bernand Villamor.

Together with me were my colleagues in the Supreme Student Government headed by our President Benjie Belotindos and Vice President Stephen Alim. Also, the Technologian Press was there headed by their Editor-in-Chief Von Clyde Romo and the Industrial Engineering Council represented by Michael Jerecho Dueñas.

I asked him on making decisions that would prevent me from being frustrated after choosing it. He told us to list down the positive and negative effects of the decision if we would go or not go for it. Then, he also emphasized the importance of getting along with the pressure in making decisions. As we all know, we can't avoid it.

Another thing that I learned is on how to balance our responsibilities. He told us that in order to finish one thing, you should give 100% focus on it. If there are still other things that can wait, then forget about it on that time. Think about what you are doing.

It's good to be with Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr. When you listen to him speak, you're really motivated. I know about these things before, but I just came to realize it now.

He's such a good one! Kudos to you Mr. Eduardo Pilapil, Jr.!

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