Senator Roxas expresses concern on LRT-MRT3 diggings in Monumento

Senator Mar Roxas has expressed interest and concern in the ongoing desecration of the Bonifacio Monument. This is to address the concern of Mr. Rolando G. Ocampo, Lead Convenor of Monumento World Heritage Global Campaign.

I came across the blog of Mr. Ocampo about this. He said that received a letter from Atty. Blas James G. Viterbo, Roxas' Chief-of-Staff, regarding his letter about the desecration of the Bonifacio Monument located in Caloocan City because of the ongoing LRT-MRT3 diggings.

Here's a copy of the letter that was furnished by Senator Roxas' office to LRTA Administrator Melquiades A. Robles, Caloocan City Mayor Enrico Echiverri, and MMDA Gen. Mgr. Roberto Nacianceno respectively.

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on March 8, 2009 at 9:05 AM  

Hi, Kevin Ray, galing mo, nakita mo agad post ko tungkol sa Monumento! With campaigners as sharp as you, mukhang mahihirapan mga kalaban ni Mar Roxas sa 2010!

Seriously, thanks a lot for taking the time to notice and to blog about my post on Senator Roxas' concern for the Monumento. I hope you can follow the developments on this matter in my blog; there have been 2 reactions from our Filipina compatriots in Europe about this and I have responded with an update about the call I received on March 6 from the LRTA as a result of the referral letter received by Administrator Mel Robles from the office of Senator Mar. There is a lengthy comment about this in my post.

I hope you can also share your thoughts on my post about DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus' call for a moratorium on tuition fee increases.

As chair of the Senate committee on education, arts and culture, Senator Roxas is (or, should be) directly concerned about these two big issues – the Bonifacio Monument and tuition fees -- and a lot of people will surely be interested in the positions that he is going to adopt concerning them.

Congratulations on your excellent blog! I haven't made up my mind yet about 2010 but like many Filipinos, I will definitely monitor closely all the blogs and websites that will be put up by all the presidentiables. We need to do that in order to bring to their attention all the issues that really matter, issues whose resolution will ensure a brighter future for your generation and those that are yet to come.

Lastly, I hope you can look at our online petition to have the Bonifacio Monument included among the UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites. I'll be delighted to see your signature there.

Let's stay in touch. I know there's a lot my generation can learn from committed young people like you.

Thanks again Kevin Ray and God bless!

on March 9, 2009 at 10:29 PM  

hey kevin..

I am a member of Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas..
and I really support Mar Roxas bid to presidency..
We from KALIPI are wishing that the problem within the Liberal Party be resolve immediately for MAR to win..
KALIPI is the youth wing of the LIBERAL PARTY and with KALIPI, Mar's presidency is so possible.
Hope you include in your Blog the call for unity of the young liberals to the Liberal Party.

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