Manny Villar values money more than the people

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What does Senator Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party think about the 2010 Philippine Presidential elections? In an interview with Reuters India, he said:
"If you can't even raise one billion pesos, why even run?"
He just showed on what he values most. MONEY

Yes, it's a sad reality that if you want to run for President in the Philippines, you must have P1 Billion or even more to win.

But this must change. Elections should never be dictated by how much money a candidate raises and spends, but by a candidate's platform of government, his service and track record.

Instead to trying to change the status quo, Villar even supported the status quo! Senator Mar Roxas wants to change it, Villar doesnt!

This just shows how arrogant Villar is in pursuing his candidacy.
"Filipinos cannot be bought... They will choose a leader who can provide good government," Senator Roxas reacting to Villar's remarks.
Villar sees the Filipino people as someone whom he can buy with his money just to have his place in Malacañang in 2010. The Filipino voters will never allow to be bought!

It's up for the people if they want a leader who wants to defend the ugly status quo or a leader who wants to change it.

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