No to a "Gloria Forever Constitution"!

The Arroyo Administration has alienated most of the nation because of its failure to live up to its social contract with the Filipino people to provide the country with good governance, Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas said this week.

And forcing the people to accept a “Gloria Forever Constitution” will backfire and condemn the Arroyo Administration as history’s most power-hungry and inept government, Roxas warned in a speech during the week before the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines.

This is the reason why Filipinos eagerly await the elections in 2010 rather than the impending Charter Change moves in Congress by President Arroyo’s allies who want a “Gloria Forever Constitution,” Roxas said.
We have a social contract … However, that contract is now broken. Napunit na ang kasunduang iyon. That social contract is so broken that is why so many of our kababayans feel alienated from general society and from their government, that is why so many of our youth feel detached from what is happening here in our country,” he added.
He said that instead of engaging in programs to cater to the “real” needs of the people, “the government is busy being corrupt.”
Ang gobyerno napakalaki ng kinokolekta sa ating lahat. Tapos ano nakikita natin? Iyong mga heneral nasa Europa namimili ng mamahaling relos. Itong fertilizer, imbes na fertilizer para sa palay at mais, fertilizer para sa orchids at sa foliage ang binili, overpriced na hindi pa nakarating. Iyong kontrata sa NBN-ZTE na $300million, supposed to be iwa-wire up ang bansa, napakaganda ng propaganda. Pero sa katotohanan, isang government intercom system lang pala ito,” he said.
Roxas also bewailed the government’s failure to prepare for the effects of the US-led global financial meltdown, which is slowly creeping into the Asian economy.
What is our government doing in the midst of this? Nothing. It is fixated on Chacha. So we wonder, how come the trust ratings of the government and of the leaders are so low? It’s because we have problems and yet those that have been given power to address and fix these problems are not doing so,” he added.
The Ilonggo senator said Filipinos could contribute in reforming the government by participating in the 2010 national elections.

He said voters should choose someone who has a good track record, someone sincerely interested in helping the people, and someone who has a vision for the country.
Sa darating na halalan, may pagkakataon ang sambayanan na mamili ng tamang lider. Ang lider na tapat, matuwid, ang lider na hindi mangungurakot, ang lider na may plano para sa ating bansa at ang may kakayahan para isakatuparan ang plano na iyon. Iyan ang kagandahan ng demokrasya kasi masama man ang sitwasyon natin pero regular tayo nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na mamili ng bago,” he said.

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