Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger attends US Election Watch 2008 in Cebu City

The Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), which I co-founded, joined the US Election Watch 2008, organized by the US Embassy in the Philippines, in SM City Cebu's Northwing yesterday. Before I went to the event venue, I was already monitoring the US election results on CNN as early as 7AM and by past 8AM, CNN already projected that Kentucky went to (John) McCain's column while Vermont was for (Barack) Obama's.

After that projection, I hurriedly went out of the house and rode a jeepney to the event venue. When I arrived 30 minutes later, I registered (as group of the media) and got supporter pins with some election materials. I asked some people in the venue if any state was already called for any of the candidate after the Kentucky and Vermont in case I missed it, and luckily, none yet. I was glued to the large TV projector of CNN and I watched as the results came in. Then, I also accomodated my colleagues in the CBS.

The CBS members who were there included yours truly, Aldwin, AJ, X, Empress, Athan, Jerry, Clarence, Sinjin, Ethelbert, Zigfred, and Iggy (who didn't bother to enter the venue after the event was done). I never expected how curious and how politically-involved these bloggers are despite there different niches. Only of few of us dare to discuss topics like politics and elections but their participation was worthy of emulation.

Food was overflowing, information was all around and VIPs were in every corner. Finally I met GMA Cebu's Bobby Nalzaro, Mandaue Mayor Jonas Cortes, Cebu City North District Rep. Raul del Mar, Cebu City Councilor Jack Jakosalem and lot more!

When CBS members try calling me the "Mar Roxas 2010 blogger" while I was speaking with Mandaue Mayor Jonas Cortes, he asked me if it was for real. I told him "Yes Mayor." He then told me that he also supports Mar Roxas for President in 2010, which made me happy, and cited his ability to serve the country and the people. He told me that he would back Senator Mar Roxas if ever he runs for President and hope he does.

During the event, I won a gift pack for the raffle and an imported brand of coffee for the trivia. The trivia was quite simple: "Who was the first female Vice-President nominee...?" I forgot the entire text of the question but I was sure of my answer. It was Geraldine Ferraro, who was the running-mate of Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale in 1984.

On the other hand, CBS members also participated in the mock polls conducted during the event using any of the 3 electronic election devices. I was envied by how fast the election results came in. The two election devices were mostly like our "lotto" system wherein you shade a circle or complete an arrow to vote for a candidate. After that, you slide it on a machine and tadaa! You're done voting! As easy as that with no dirty ink on your finger. I used the touch-screen device which was more efficient I think. With just pressing on the small circles on that candidate of your choice, you can vote in less than 1 minute! I'm looking forward that these machines would be used also in the upcoming 2010 elections here in the Philippines.

At around 12 Noon, all of us broke into excitement as CNN declares that Senator Barack Obama won the US Presidency. All of us applaused the historic moment and couldn't help having some goosebumps as America bestows its support to the first African-American leader of the world's "still" superpower. A few minutes later, Senator John McCain conceded to President-elect Obama and offered his cooperation. This is what I admire in US politics, that when someone clearly loses, he doesn't demand for a recount. He instead demands for cooperation with the winning candidate. Although their passions have separated, they're one as Americans. Let's hope that Filipino politicians would also embrace that idea.

Let's hope that Senator Roxas, if ever he decides to run for President, would learn the lessons on how Obama ran his campaign which was the best political organization in the entire US history. And also to COMELEC, let's automate the 2010 elections and hope that they can realize how disappointed our people with the electoral process.

Congratulations to US President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and kids Malia and Sasha!

Photos courtesy of Clarence.

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