Who do you think is the next president?

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Here's a great answer that I found in the Filipino Opinion on Life and Living Blog which I think also deserves a great read (I made some edits on typographical errors):

Answer: I think Senator Mar Roxas would be the next president since he has been very good in his performance since then. He has been one of the best choices of the masses as what we call him, ("Mr. Palengke"). He is also doing his job in a way that he would be recognized by the people because of his excellency yet, he does not do it with a destructive effect and sound to the masses. He is silent yet has a big impact to the people especially the masses. He does not show any bias to those government officials who are now involve in trouble with the Philippine government. He is also able to balance his political and even the entertainment life. He does not use his position as a senator to involve those conflicts among government heads, rather he is making his own ways of pursuing his job and missions despite the troubles in the Philippines nowadays. In this way, he is already gaining more support from the people and also he is winning the sympathy and the attention of the people.
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