Sen. Roxas' statement on Apostol's remarks vs. ZTE whistleblower Lozada

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"Chief Legal Counsel Sergio Apostol must apologize to the entire Filipino public especially to the Filipino-Chinese community that has been shamed by his remarks, and to the Chinese people who have suffered an insult despite their deep friendship with the Philippines.

"It is ironic that the President's lawyer has made a racist slur against the very nation from whom this government has sought to borrow millions of dollars that have been purloined by graft.

"His comment was uncalled for and showed great disrespect for Filipinos with Chinese blood which includes our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

"Resorting to insults will not make (Rodolfo) Lozada's testimony less credible.

"Habang ginigiba nila ang pagkatao ni Lozada, lalo silang nagmumukhang desperado. Let's stick to the light, as the nuns said, by being straightforward and honest before the people."
For my part, being an offspring of Chinese and Filipino descent parents (the father of my father was Chinese while his mother was a Filipina), the remarks of Apostol has made me outraged. Why does he keep on turning the other way around? The real issue here is the ZTE fiasco and not the Chinese ancestry of Mr. Lozada.

To the Filipino-Chinese community, let's demand an apology to Mr. Apostol just like what we successfully did with Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. This should not happen again, and if it does, we should not remain silent about this racial slur.

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