200 days and counting... Oras Na! Roxas Na!

Happy Valentines Day to all our readers and blog subscribers! Although I don't have a special someone to spend my Valentines, it's just OK!

Today is a great day not only for me but for all of us! It's the 200th Day Anniversary of the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog! Once again, thanks a lot for bringing our blog into this point of success.

Speaking of success, I am very glad to tell all of you that our blog is now gaining momentum more than ever! Aside from having a lot of interested readers and visitors, we are now one of the TOP 200 150 Blogs of the Philippines based on Ratified.Org which uses Technorati, Feedburner and Google stats to measure the top 100 blogs of the Philippine blogosphere.

And perhaps another good news to coincide our celebration is the latest SWS Survey on who should succeed Mrs. Gloria Arroyo in 2010. Maybe others would say that he's just behind the survey topnotcher Vice President Noli De Castro and Senators Manny Villar and Loren Legarda in that survey and ask us why we should celebrate it. Well, Senator Mar Roxas, in that survey, registered the highest increase among potential presidential candidates from 9% in September 2007 to 20% in December 2007! Click the chart below to see the survey results:

YOU can make a difference!

We and our blog contributed to this success! By helping each other, through different media, we were able to spread the message from Friendster to Facebook to Yahoo Groups. All through this hard-fought campaign to urge Senator Roxas to run for President in 2010, YOU and I have met challenge after challenge head-on.

Every time they start to count us and Senator Roxas out, we prove them wrong. And we're going to keep proving them wrong as many times as we need to until we put Roxas in Malacañang by 2010.

YOU and I know that only the people, not the critics, get to decide whether Roxas should be the next President of the Philippines .

Let's show them what we're made of. Sign the online petition NOW!

As what our motto then says, "Together, all becomes possible!" and now, our new motto "Oras Na! Roxas Na!" Hoyhoyhoy! Hoyhoyhoy! Please tell us about your comments and suggestions on how we can improve more and serve you better.

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