LP voted against JDV, what's the problem?

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Before I start my discussion on this matter, may I congratulate Ma'am Janette Toral and Max Limpag for the successful Cebu Bloggers Meet-Up yesterday that was held at I-Browse Café. It really gave me an insight on how to improve this blog and make it more equipped for the upcoming 2010 elections.

Anyways, back to our topic. Should there be a fuss if the Liberal Party (LP) of Senator Mar Roxas voted against the former House Speaker Jose de Venecia? I think it's just an over reaction. After all, the LP was deprived from having a representative in the Commission on Appointments, House committee chairmanships and its priority bills were not given a chance thus further isolating the party.

It doesn't mean that because the LP voted to remove de Venecia from the Speakership, it would automatically equal to LP's alignment to Gloria Arroyo's forces. Here's the formula: LP vote vs. JDV != PGMA

Let's give Speaker Prospero Nograles a chance, and I know that he will be careful on what he does. He would really feel bad if accusations like "he was anointed by Gloria Arroyo to be puppy in the House" would turn out to be true.

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on February 9, 2008 at 7:46 AM  

While it doesn't necessarily follow (and I agree with that), I think that LP is being naive and ignorant of recent history.

Removing de Venecia is well and good, if he is removed for the RIGHT reason. And in the bottom of your heart, hearing majority of those buffoons explaining their bribes, do you think they voted for reforms? What the vote has accomplished is to change the lapdog and not much else. LP may get committee chairmanships and whatnots, but they are now terribly tarred and tarnished.

Second, that's how Gloria works. If you can't beat the enemy, co-opt them. And that is what happened. Sure, LP can always say they are independent such and such, but who would believe them?

They could have chosen the moral high ground and say no to such brazen show of power, but they chose to take advantage for their benefit. In the end, they lost their credibility and have shown the world that they are no different from the Gloria lapdogs.

Give Nograles a chance? "Impeachment is a numbers game, and we have the numbers," he once arrogantly said. So goodluck to LP.

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