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I had my last Goldilocks moment last Christmas of 2008. There's a Goldilocks branch near our area, which I can pass everyday, and watching those cake displays just make my crave for some.

The morning of December 24, 2008, we went to Goldilocks to buy something for the Christmas evening bonding. There was already a rush-hour purchasing of Goldilocks products so we didn't wasted our time to buy for some. As I was looking through the glass shelves, I saw this cake rolls, and ordered for a Brazo de Mercedes and Classic Mocha Roll. Yum Yum! Just seeing those pictures below makes me hungry.

Classic Mocha Roll

Mocha flavored sponge cake with mocha buttercreme filling and icing. This cake is decorated with mocha praline chocolate toppers and twin chocolate chips.

Brazo de Mercedes
Meringue rolls with golden yellow custard filling. The crust has a wavy design and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.

On that same evening, we can't wait to open the box. The yummy cake rolls just can't wait. So, I presided over the cutting of the cake rolls (sounds weird) to give it to other guests and guess what, others were wanting for more. I told them to be back on Christmas of 2009 or on my 19th birthday (that's this July 7, 2009). I only eat cake less than thrice a year, only when there's a birthday party or Christmas party so I always grab the opportunity to have some taste of it.

You're the 1 Goldilocks, because you make people happy and make us savor life's precious moments. Not just with your cakes, but also with your other products. How I wish I can have some more of Goldilocks products to eat. And to Mar Roxas, if ever you win for President in 2010, pa-Goldilocks ka naman!

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