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Hello everyone! This one's an über-late post, but I really want to share to you the buzz about our bloggers meet-up with Senator Mar Roxas in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, IT Park last June 11. I was already suggesting this one since December 2008 to his staff, and finally, this day came. Thanks to Bon Moya!

Photo courtesy of Michael Sinjin Pineda

Roxas was in Cebu to attend a business forum organized by the Makati Business Club and the Cebu Business Club in the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel. Also there was fellow senator and 2010 presidentiable Chiz Escudero. Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro was also invited but turned down the invitation in the last minute because of a cabinet meeting. Bad move Gibo! You just missed a good opportunity!

Roxas was late but it was acceptable because Marco Polo Plaza was quite far from IT Park. When he arrived in our venue, SunStar Cebu was also there to make an article about the Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) for their 2010 Yearbook. We had our group photo taken for the said yearbook and Roxas gamely joined us by squatting on the floor.

I was tasked by Bon to be the moderator. So, after ordered some tea from the counter, he got seated in front of me and I started the ball rolling.
Photo courtesy of Doyzkie Buenaviaje

I grabbed the opportunity to ask him on why the use of "padyak"? He told us that it symbolizes the "situation of Filipinos" nowadays. There was also a need to act on this problem so that we can move forward. He stressed on the importance of education in doing so.

Another question came from Jerry Gervacio, and he asked about Roxas' thoughts about the improvement of his ratings in the latest Pulse Asia survey because of the Wowowee event, where Roxas and ABS-CBN broadcaster Korina Sanchez announced their engagement. Roxas admitted that yes "because of Wowowee, they have seen my heart" and "it helped" in his survey rating but emphasized that it was a "combination of things". "They like what they saw," said Roxas. He also attributed it to his help with the Legacy scam victims, for cheaper medicines, and etc.

The CBS President Mark Monta asked Roxas on whether the Senate should investigate the Hayden-Katrina scandal. Well, Roxas believes that "guilty feet have got no rhythm", quoting a line of the song Careless Whisperer. He "feels bad for Katrina and the women" involved in this scandal. He's not a member of the Committee investigating it, but he lauded Senator Jamby Madrigal's performance on the committee hearing.

Guada Esmeña was asking about the importance of Cebu in the upcoming 2010 elections knowing that it's an administration bailiwick. It was also known that Roxas was the top choice in Cebu and in Visayas. Roxas told Guada that probably because Cebu saw his achievements. As Trade and Industry Secretary before being elected as Senator in 2004, he also served as Chairman of the Board of Investments and Philippine Economic Zone Authority. He helped Tsuneishi Heavy Industries in Balamban, Cebu which gave a lot of job opportunities in the province. As "Father of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry", he was also responsible in its boom in the Philippines. He also said that he was not fooling people or extorted them that sets him apart from other politicians.

Jose Farrugia asked about any updates on Roxas and Sanchez' wedding preparations. Here's the Youtube video that I uploaded:

Then, came the gate crasher, who was not a CBS member but his question was quite good. Many have been asking me about this, but I never knew what Roxas' position on Federalism. Here's the video that I got:

Fellow blogger member Bryan Karl Yuson asked Roxas about what's the big problem that we've got on why we're not moving forward. Roxas said that it was "not just one" but if he was to choose one, it is "graft and corruption" which everyone of us agreed as the part of the problem. He emphasized that if it was to be minimized or even eliminated, then everything would follow.

Bert Padilla asked about his contribution to the BPO industry. Roxas said the it has "dominated today" and more people are on it. He also stressed that Philippines can never compete with China when it comes to cheap labor. He emphasized that while China has cheap products, the Philippines has products with value-added service like the clothes with "burda."

Atty. Ethelbert Ouano asked for Roxas' top 3 political agenda if ever he's elected as President in 2010. Roxas said that it's not just 3, "but it's 4."
  1. Feed Ourselves
  2. - It is important so that we can do the priorities that have been set out.
  3. Education
  4. - After being fed in our stomach, it's time to feed our mind. He stressed that it was the "biggest equalizer" in life because it narrows the gap between the rich and the poor.
  5. Fairness and Justice
  6. - When you have already a satiated people in stomach and in mind, it's time to implement fairness among them.
  7. Economy
  8. - After doing the previous things, it's time to spruce up the economy now that the foundations are already laid down (feeding ourselves, education, fairness & justice).
Lastly, Jobette Escobanas asked about Roxas' position on having an additional year in elementary and the increase on teacher's salary increase. On the first question, he is in favor of having a Grade 7 citing that other countries have an edge on us because they follow the 12 pre-college years which makes them more competitive. He also reiterated his call on not doing the things by "tingi-tingi" but by "bulto", meaning instead of "pleasing everyone" by giving a few of this and that, it's better to focus on one thing on that budget and another thing on the next budget. On that way, we can be able to solve at least one part of the problem rather that having partly solve one problem and having it partly fix in the next budget thus keeping us to move forward.

On the next question, he supports a P 9,000 increase on the public school teacher's salary but due to the current situation, he said that a P 6,000 increase might be better to boost the morale of our public school teachers.

Anyways, thanks a lot for everyone in CBS for attending this event that I organized and also to Team Roxas, especially Communications Director Bobby Capco and New Media Head Bon Moya for making this possible. P.S., I got my copy of the Philippine Tattler, with Roxas on the cover page, and his autograph. :)

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