Roxas-Lacson tandem, a plus or minus?

Hello everyone! After the Pulse Asia survey results were made known to the public, showing that Senator Mar Roxas jumped from 8% to 13% in the derby of 2010 presidential aspirants, a new survey conducted by the Issues and Advocacy Center headed by former President Fidel V. Ramos' PR chief Ed Malay, place our bet in tie with former President Joseph Estrada and fellow Senator Manny Villar.

Roxas was in tie with Estrada with 15% and Villar with 14% in a 13-way presidential race. In a 9-way presidential race, Roxas shared with Vice President Noli De Castro and Senator Chiz Escudero the third to fifth place with 14% each while Villar had 17% and Estrada 15%.

Wake up! Our candidate is already in a double-digit place and we need to keep the momentum going. He's "in it to win it".

Another interesting thing is this: just last week, Senator Panfilo Lacson quit his 2010 presidential bid citing "high cost of presidential campaign." Rumor has been that Lacson is poised to endorse Roxas for President and a possible Roxas-Lacson for President and Vice President is looming to happen. Roxas has made no comment on this and Lacson too. But in the same survey by the Issues and Advocacy Center, it also included a survey on possible 2010 team-ups. The Escudero-(Loren)Legarda tandem got 37% and an Estrada-Legarda tandem got 31% while a Roxas-Lacson tandem got 33%. This is somewhat surprising to me. I never expected that this tandem will work knowing that Roxas and Lacson were both aspiring for the presidency. But now that Lacson has quit his bid, he's now open to aligned with another 2010 presidential bet.

Then, here's the thing: Is a Roxas-Lacson tandem a plus or minus. I don't know if it's really a plus or a minus but if this comes true, big things would really change but not for sure if it's positive or negative change. Some would say that Roxas having Lacson as his VP might be dangerous because Roxas will be tainted by Lacson's alleged wrongdoings thus blemishing Roxas' clean record. Others also would say that a Roxas-Lacson will give a big boost to Roxas because it's a great tandem. You have someone who's good in the economy (Roxas' expertise) and someone who's good in peace and orders (Lacson' expertise). But whatever is Roxas' and Lacson's decision, is up to them. Weigh in the pros and cons and make a good decision.

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john marzan
on June 11, 2009 at 11:31 AM  

can it work?

it may. my advice to mar is to wait until the last minute to make that VP decision.

as for lacson, we've already heard so many of the BS from ador mawanay, victor corpus, rosebud ong, blanquita pelaez that one becomes tired of it.

and anybody who believes those latest dacer allegations being brought up by the administration are idiots. it's a complete waste of time.

that said, the dacer case i believe was meant ONLY to damage lacson's presidential (or VP) bid, NOT necessarily to put him behind bars or convict him of any crime. The truth will come out after the 2010 elections, after the damage to the candidate's chances has been done. rey berroya, released by FVR before the 1998 elections, also made all kinds of allegations against erap being involved in kidnapping chinese businessmen.

if lacson's "tainted", so is kiko noted. if somebody put a youtube video of all "noteds" he gave during the counting to stifle transparency and railroad arroyo's proclamation, that could cause problems for pangilinan.

so what roxas should do is to take his time. survey the field of all the vp candidates available. baka may mag-drop out the prez candidate. make the choice at the last minute.

but it would be wise for roxas to seek out lacson, if not for the VP, then kahit na endorsement lang.

on August 7, 2009 at 4:23 PM  

I was sad that Lacson dropped out from his Presidential bid. In my own opinion, we are losing the best candidate ever to change Philippine politics and to guide and put Philippines on the right path to overcome poverty and have the proper discipline to go through the rocky climb to surpass it.
This present government have this doing to character assassinate good people that go against their wrong doing. Common people we should be mature enough fight this doing. I'm very tired of them demonizing Lacson just because He cannot be bought and they cannot keep him silent.
Just keep going Ping, many of us believe that you are clean in all the accusations being drag to your name. We still feel that the we (Filipino's) are fortunate that we have a PING LACSON who is brave enough to go against a very strong but dirty wall of a government sometime alone and sometime with company. Don't worry Ping many youth today are already awake of the wrong doing done by this government.
My appeal to you sir, please don't leave us who believe that your exposes are true. And sometimes this is the only reason why many of us still believe that Philippine's are worth living for. Many still believe that there are still jobs here in the Philippines. Because they have faith that you are with us to fight for our rights. Please don't leave us alone. We have faith in you.

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