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Another Proud Pinoy Band is making waves in the music industry. Firefalldown, a London-based and Filipino-British group, plays the music that's combined UK indie rock, skate punk, and Motown.

The group started last February 9, 2007 and is composed of Joel Sablayan (the band’s bassist), Andrew Hodgson (drummer) and Jon Blaylock (vocals/guitar). They have 3 songs, namely "Commissioned", "Eternally", "Mr. Rockstar". Check out below their new song "Commissioned":

Their music is a product of Filipino ingenuity. Indeed, their musics transcends every aspect of life. You can also see for yourself Firefalldown music videos and as their group says, they are "DRIVEN by a passion to INSPIRE people through music", truly a Filipino attitude.
"The songs aren’t that easy to classify. Andrew was a double-kick, snare-thrashing death-metal drummer… Joel has been in few R&B/ Funk outfits… and I fronted a punkrock band, though I do love my funk and my motown. I guess you could say we play punking, funking rock with a lot of heart," Jon said.
Listening to their songs, I'd have my own Mr. Rockstar:

Quoting a part from the song "Mr. Rockstar":
Hey Mr. Rockstar
When you coming home?
Are you gonna wake tomorrow?
Hey Mr. Superstar feeling all alone

Hey Mr. Rockstar
When you coming home?
Do you wish that they would follow?
See all the people at the party all alone

Running through the rain
These pictures hide my pain
Can’t live by what I sing
Don’t let me go my way, my own way
Mar Roxas has been the "Mr. Rockstar", my idol. The one who can guide not just me, but everyone. Truly someone that embodies my qualities of my Presidential bet. Rock en Roll Mar!

Aside from having a connection with them because of their Filipino lineage, it proves that wherever a Filipino is and whatever a Filipino does, we always do our best to make those at home proud of themselves and this is what Firefalldown has been doing.

Share your experience with Firefalldown's music. Join the Firefalldown promo and win an iTouch! Yes, an iTouch by just joining the Firefalldown promo, a proud Pinoy band! Visit their official website now at

And BTW, Firefalldown's Album "Commisioned" is out now! Download it in iTunes or Amazon!

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I Am Downloader
on June 19, 2009 at 2:11 PM  

waw, never heard of this band before..

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