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Before the event, I was in Hidden Valley, that's in Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu for a Leadership Traning Workshop together with my friends. The name of the place speaks for itself. It's really a hidden wonder! It's very far from the highway and mostly motorcycles for commuting called "habal-habal" are frequent in the area. Supposedly, the event was slated for June 28-29 but I really need to attend the bloggers' meet-up as promised. So, I cut short my attendance to the event. I rode a "habal-habal" at 10:30 AM but as we went along the road going to Lutopan, Toledo City, the motorcycle stopped for 5 times because of engine problems. I was pissed off! I got wet and dirty because of that. Even though I still didn't reached the Lutopan terminal, they dropped me in the market, which was 500 meters away, and told me to ride another motorcycle. Grrr!! What made me even more angry was that, they let me paid P100 instead of the negotiated payment of only P60! Then, when I arrived in the terminal, I waited for almost 30 minutes inside a V-Hire that would bring me back to the city. After almost 1 hour of the trip (I even slept), I arrived in One Citi-Link Terminal (the area where these V-Hires settle), I immediately went to V. Rama Avenue to ride a 12-L jeepney which passes by Fuente Osmeña. When I embarked from the jeepney, I walked from G. Garcia Street to Bo's Coffee Club. It was still 1:40 PM though, so I took a rest.

I attended the most-awaited meet-up (which was very successful) of Cebu and Davao bloggers here in Cebu. The informal event, held at Bo's Coffee Club in front of Cebu Doctor's Hospital at 2 PM, was organized by two of Davao's prominent bloggers, namely Blogie Robillo and Winston Almendras. Winston, Mark Monta and yours truly had already met before in SM and talked about the status quo of the Cebu Bloggers' Society. Though yesterday, Mark texted me that he can't attend the event. The event was the second that I attended. The first was the one with Ma'am Janette Toral.

The attendees, Wilson Ng, Paul Winston Villacorta, Xerxes Bernadez, Max Limpag, Aldrin Ponce, Rio Calle, Aileen Estoquia, Wilhelmina Sarawi, Mark Abitona, Rodelio Lagahit, Francis Daniel Maning, were very happy that finally, the event would be the start in organizing the blogging community here in Cebu and later, in the entire Visayas hopefully. We had met each other and shared our blogging insights. It was a lively meet-up. I just hope that these event would be a habit for Cebuano bloggers just like the Davao bloggers. I am part of the team consolidating the Cebu bloggers to form an organization same as the successful Mindanao Bloggers, Inc.

I was quite happy that the my fellow bloggers are supportive of my cause though not directly saying that they're voting or not for Senator Mar Roxas if he enters the 2010 presidential derby. Sir Wilson even said that there's nothing wrong with having this kind of blog. Indeed, it's a new thing in the Philippine blogosphere. :) 

Photos courtesy of Xerxes, Max, and from Ng Khai Cebu Pics.

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