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168 people have now signed the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Online Petition. We need your support to further boost our draft campaign to urge him to run for President in 2010. We have the "best 2010 election activity" as of any possible presidential bets in the internet that are coming out now like blogs or sites for Dick Gordon, Manny Villar, Chiz Escudero, Bayani Fernando, etc. We don't want to let them best us out.

We have been in the blogosphere for almost a year and we must show to them that we are strong and that we have a formidable presidential candidate in 2010.

Help me in spreading the word. We can be able to gather more support from the people both from the internet and on the ground. Please tell your friends about the online petition and, if you have a blog then make an article about it, or send the online petition link to your friends through e-mail.

Here are the thoughts of some signatories of the online petition:

Vengie M. Ravelo said...
"Wow!!!! Sigurado panalo ka na Mr. President. Uuwi ako sa Caraga Region para campanya kita doon."
Alan Burgos said...
"The most charismatic presidentiable with unquestioned political background. I like to see him as the next president. ABANTE PILIPINAS!"
Monalisa Flores said...
"You (Sen. Roxas) can count on me this coming election 2010... Good luck and God bless... Stay as what you are..."
Chit said...
"Lets help Philippines to be a more progressive and more jobs for all the people!"
Nestor said...
"Ang isang public official na katulad mo ang gusto kong mamuno sa ating bansa. I 100% support for Mar Roxas for President this coming 2010 national election."
Laling Demingoy Legg said...
"We need to support Mar Roxas not only because he is our own but he is the best for the people and the government."
Corina A. Yotoko said...
"I would like to see Mar as the first single president of the Republic of the Philippines. And no doubt Mar will make a great untainted president!!"
Ian Rommel Retuya said...
"I support the desire of Mr. Mar Roxas to become the next president of the philippine republic come 2010. Our country needs a man like him. Has a heart for the poor, vision for the youth, honesty and integrity. Mr. Mar, please ask my uncle Kiko Pangilinan to be your running-mate."
Bari Melano said...
"The man I entrust to steer the wheel for good governance... Mar Roxas for President, 2010."
Bub Ong said...
"Let us start the change we want to see... Let us bring principled politics back to our country!"
Honesto L. Romero said...
"Mar Roxas is very capable indeed to be our next president."
Roderick P. Ybardolaza said...
"Impeccable political pedigree, unsullen reputation, economic expert, highly educated... kumpleto rekado. Mar Roxas sa 2010."
Ginalyn Lipardo-de Guzman said...
"I believe that Sen. Roxas has the ability and the capacity to be the next pres. It will be a better Philippines under him. As a CAPIZENO, I strongly support him. I just hope he will run. More power and God bless!"
Erlo Bornales said...
"We support you together with my whole family."
Avel Manansala said...
"We need Mar Roxas to put our country back into its orbit! Ayoko na ng gulo!"
Selvie dela Cena said...
"The TOP leader of the country's future!"
Dodie Enriquez said...
"Let's bring back trust to our government. Let's bring Roxas to presidency."
Alexei said...
"I'd just like to express my support for the good senator. I hope he will really consider running for the Presidency in 2010. The country needs more people like him."
Aileen Salita said...
"Mar Roxas is not corrupt. He has done great deeds for our fellow countrymen without boasting them on the TV or print ads, he stays quiet and low profiled inspite of all his achievements."
Jeanette Santos-Carrillo said...
"Mar is the man! I believe in his capability to make a difference in our country. Will definitely campaign for him."

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on June 9, 2008 at 5:43 AM  

I wanna join the group. I wanted Mar Roxas to run for president in 2010 as well because I think he can do great for our country.

on June 11, 2008 at 5:00 PM  

i'll explore this blog and i'll decide...2010 right? i still have all the time to ponder things, for now, i'm exploring blogs and sharing it to others... like this one, try to check it out
it's interesting as this blog...ÜÜÜ

Kevin Ray
on June 11, 2008 at 5:14 PM  

You can join us Chiz in

And to Meggi, I hope you can join with us someday!

More power to all of you!

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