One Blog, One Goal, One Year PART I

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Weeks before the blog's 1st year anniversary (that would be this July 29), I would like to share my thoughts on the humble beginnings of my blog and where is it now today.

I am a politically-inclined person since I was 7 years old. I like talking about politics. I never realized that someday, I would be a trailblazer someday in this niche (as what Ederic Eder used to described my blog). As part of my enthusiasm with it, I tried to join the system. Here in Cebu, when I was in Grade 6 elementary, as part of the Know Your Barangay Month, I was nominated as a Barangay Councilor and represented our school (Punta Princesa Elementary School) in our one-day representation in the Barangay Council. It was fun!

When I was in highschool (Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School), during my 1st year, I was elected as Class Vice-President. Then, elected as President during my 3rd year and successfully, as Supreme Student Government President during my 4th year.

Why was I elected? I probably think that my close association with the word "politics" made me, humbly speaking, a prominent person in the school.

Where did I inherited my political inclinations? My father, Ronilo Chua, I believe! He is also politically-inclined and he loves talking about it. He was a former Barangay Councilor in our province Biliran.

During the 2007 Midterm Elections, I was urged by myself to do something. Something that would make me happy because I did something good for my country. That election was a choice between staying or changing the status quo. I sided mostly with the Genuine Opposition and I already predicted that Team Unity was bound to lose. I was so impressed with then Sorsogon Rep. Francis "Chiz" Escudero that I want to campaign for him here in Cebu. So, I joined Team Chiz online and started to learn on how to run a campaign. It was hard. You can't please all the people. Some of your friends turn into your bitter enemies as they have different opinions from you. But I was able to convince some. They said that Cebu was an (Gloria Macapagal) Arroyo country and the opposition would heavily lose here. I believe the opposition would, if they have not made their presence available here.

As we were about the wrap up the campaign, seeing that Chiz Escudero was already a sure winner (placing second in the roster of winning senators), I was thinking already of 2010. Then, the names Chiz Escudero, Manny Villar and Mar Roxas came into my mind. I was asking myself, who would be the best choice for President in 2010? I contemplated for it a couple of times knowing that I am a blogger since 2004, I can do a blog for that person and I am willing to give my time to make that person win in 2010. Chiz Escudero, although my top bet then, was still a neophyte for the job and he needs a little bit of experience (then came Barack Obama in 2007). Although his credentials were plausible, still, he needs to spend his time for Senator yet. We still need to see him as a Senator and 3 years would be not enough. So, it was Manny Villar and Mar Roxas playing tug-of-war in my mind. Both of them are related to "palengke" (wet market) but something broke the deadlock. Manny Villar grew up in the palengke and boasts his rags to riches story but never made importance to it until the 2007 Midterm Elections came while Mar Roxas didn't grew in the palengke actually (although they own the Farmer's Market), but has a heart for it. Since he was a Congressman until he became DTI Secretary and now as a Senator, he advocated for consumer protection. That was the deciding factor.

To be continued this July 1, 2008...

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