An interesting note from political analyst Antonio P. Gatmaitan and some businessmen on the 2010 polls

Political analyst Antonio P. Gatmaitan, speaking in before members of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, that Senator Mar Roxas would be one of the 14 potential presidential candidates that will contest in the 2010 presidential exercise. He described him as a "vote-getter", and is also expected to join the 2010 polls. It can be noted that Roxas ran for Senate in 2004 and obtained a "historic" 19.88 million votes, Mr. Gatmaitan said.

Meanwhile, PCCI Chairman Miguel Varela said that the 2010 polls were crucial to uplifting the lives of Filipinos.
"We need a massive campaign to educate the public and ensure that mechanisms are in place to maintain the integrity of the ballot. We all want social and economic reforms and we continue to wait for that paradigm shift to a politics of substance from a politics of popularity," Mr. Varela said
Mr. Varela has a point. The upcoming election would really matter and would determine on how we can shift our country from the failed policies of this administration. We can just be sitting there, as if we didn't felt the sufferings. We need to do something and compel our leaders to do their job.

Outgoing PCCI President Samie Lim on the other hand said it was not too early to stage a forum on the 2010 elections.
"We believe that the choice we will make in 2010 is so critical that we have to start early in assessing our potential leaders.

"One of the questions to ask is, are we really having an election in 2010? If we are, who are the best candidates? It will also be interesting to look into the real power of different sectors and the new media in influencing voters’ decisions."
That's one of the main point why this blog was launched. We need to make the Filipinos have a mindset that there will and should be an election in 2010. Charter change would not be an excuse for postponing the elections nor another declaration of martial law. The other point also is to open the minds of the Filipinos and give them an ample time to take a look at our bet, Senator Roxas. In this way, we can exhaust ourselves to do everything and prove to them that Senator Roxas would be the best among the rest. We may be insulted by some people for having this too early but we are determined on changing how elections work in the Philippines starting here in the cyberspace.

We need to get involved as early as possible when another election is done. It not at all time we need to settle down. It's also time to think ahead for the future. Our leaders can address the issues of today and at the same time, work for the future.

To those people who are saying that now is not yet the time to get involved about the 2010 elections, I ask you, when? Would 90 days of campaigning around the country be enough to get to know the candidate? Would we allow ourselves to be blinded by the polishes candidates make by that time?

Now is the time to get involved. Think of the future. Think what's best for your country.

Sign the petition and join the movement!

And by the way, I would also like to share to you Carlo Ople's reaction upon meeting Senator Roxas. Enjoy!

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