Smear Busting No. 1 - Senator Roxas isn't supporting additional year in college

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Mar Roxas has been a proponent for quality education since he was a Congressman from Capiz. Yes, he has been advocating a plan that would reform our broken education system which mandates the increase from 10 to 12 the number of years in the basic education in consonance with international standards in order to make our own world-class educational system. It would also include competency evaluation at grades three and six, a remedial year between grade school and high school, and an "output-oriented" high school curriculum that would equip graduates with the right skills, whether they choose to pursue college or already be employed.1

But some people just can't get enough of spreading baseless, deceptive and misleading rumors. That rumor says that "Roxas is the proponent of the additional year in college, especially on Nursing". It's just really NOT TRUE and this smear is BUSTED.

It's the Commission on Higher Education, headed by Chairman Dr. Emmanuel Angeles that is the main proponent of the additional year in college namely in architecture, engineering, accountancy and nursing, and not Roxas.2

Yes he wants to have additional years only in basic education and not on tertiary education.

Atty. Blas James Viterbo, Roxas' Chief-of-Staff explains:
Not true at all. We even asked CHED to explain this since it came from them. They replied that the same is still under consultations. Hence, there is nothing to worry about it.
On the other hand, Liberal Party of the Philippines Director General Chito Gascon also debunked this smear against Roxas:
Not true! In fact, the Senator is of record as saying that he opposes this move because he believes that under current circumstances it is superflous.
Received a smear against Mar Roxas? Share it to me and I'll bust it.

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1 Mar Roxas on Education
2 CHED firm on five-year program for nursing

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