Blogger Zyon Jerekiel Aquino supports Mar Roxas for President in 2010

Another blogger has expressed his support for Mar Roxas as our next President in 2010 and I'm sure, he made the right choice.

Zyon Jerekiel S. Aquino who blogs at "Supreme Love and Respect" wrote about a blog post entitled "My 2010 Philippine National Elections President" and he said that his "vote goes to Senator Mar Roxas."
Kung pagsasamahin ang talino ni (Ferdinand) Marcos in terms of legal issues, the credibility of Cory (Aquino), the vision of (Fidel) Ramos, the charisma of Erap (Estrada) and the economic management (if there is such thing as that) of GMA, then we need that person to be elected this 2010 May Elections to finally end the "political crisis" that is happening and finally, make our country "a very healthy place to live", blogger Aquino (in the photo) said in endorsing Roxas for President in 2010.
To read more about his blog post, please visit Let him know that he's not alone and he made a right choice in endorsing Mar Roxas as our next President in 2010.

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