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It has been four (4) days since Senator Mar Roxas made the (in)famous speech during an anti-Cha-Cha rally in Makati.

"Putang ina" was the word that caught the attention of everyone. Was it a political stunt? I think it wasn't. It was an ordinary feeling of the Filipino disgusted on the way how Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's administration has continued to fool them by pushing Charter Change (Cha-Cha) for her own sake and Senator Roxas wasn't able to control those emotions. It was a rally against the Cha-Cha that Gloria's administration is pushing. Why I said it is for her own sake? She should have the balls to stop it if her people prefers Cha-Cha after 2010!

As I was blog-hopping, I read several posts about the post-reaction on the incident. Indeed, the profane language he used was justified.

As political blogger Schumey said:
... the highlight and the most controversial is the speech by Mar Roxas who verbalized the sentiments of the people by saying "putang ina". There was no other way to describe the disdain we felt and Mar Roxas got it spot on.
The Mount Balatucan Monitor has made a good point on why Roxas' curse was justified:
I don’t see any wrong with what Roxas said. It was justified. People should remember that Friday’s activity is not a testimonial dinner or an inspirational talk. It’s a protest demonstrating the anger of the majority of the Filipino people of moves to extend some greedy people in power beyond their constitutional terms. With the number of abuses this administration has committed, twisting the laws, a policy of lying, cheating and corruption that even the most reserved people cannot stomach all of these anymore. The emotions are high so the “putang ina” calling is very appropriate.
Let us remember that the curse was intended for the Cha-Cha that the administration is pushing, not Gloria.

So, what if it was not Senator Roxas who made that cursing speech? Slap Happy makes a good point here:
But believe me, if that was the typical Juan Dela Cruz who made the speech,the one who has been receiving the tail end of all this corruption, bankcruptcy, hunger and poverty; he'd end up saying far more worse cuss words than Putang ina.
And one thing that has been also proven that Senator Roxas will never be, if ever he runs for President in 2010, the candidate of the administration. He has already broke ties with Gloria after his agressive speech. This was what the Midfield blog said:
Having worked with the good senator when he was at the DTI, your Midfielder feels that the net resulkt is now Mar has fully severed any remaining invisibly umbilimcal cord with GMA.
Resorting to expletives may not seem to be the most gentlemanly way of cutting that cord but there is now no way to reattach it.
Now, the speculations of Senator Roxas being an administration lapdog-under-an-opposition-costume has been proven wrong.

And by the way, here's a quick note from the Pinoy Observer about these topic:
Senators are human too. 

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