Miss Cebu 2009 - Silver and Beyond

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The Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog, with its blogger Kevin Ray N. Chua, supports the Miss Cebu 2009. Most especially to our Cebuano readers here in the Philippines and abroad, you can now vote online and support your favorite candidate to be the Miss Cebu 2009.

I had already voted online but I won't tell you who I voted for. Instead of influencing my readers on whom to vote for, I would let you have the decision.

Below are the candidates vying for the crown:
1. Ana Coritha J. Desamparado
2. Sheda Lynn A. Dusaban
3. Christine A. Tan
4. Nadia Claire O. Urbino
5. Tara Frances L. Oliver
6. Ethel B. Bitoon
7. Phoebe Kaye C. Fernandez
8. Kimberley Therese A. Burden
9. Michelle Iva G. Eguia
10. Angela Grace P. Alinabon
11. Rizzini Alexis C. Gomez
12. Kris Tiffany M. Janson

For more information about the upcoming Miss Cebu 2009, click here.

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Kevin Ray N. Chua is a 19 year-old blogger from Cebu City, Philippines and an IT Student at Cebu Institute of Technology.

He is currently the Secretary General of the CIT-SSG.

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Chef Queer
on December 30, 2008 at 12:58 PM  

Take a look on contestant no. 7's photo at http://www.obnoxiousqueer.com/2008/12/30/miss-cebu-2009/

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