Why Mar Roxas for President in 2010?

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I had just launched a new blog called "Why Mar Roxas for President in 2010?" at http://whymarroxas.blogspot.com

I really need your short essays on why Senator Mar Roxas deserves to be the next President of the Philippines. What you will write will enable other potential voters out there to be persuaded to support Mar Roxas for President in 2010. Your essay would let them know why he deserves their trust, their confidence, and their vote come 2010.

You can make the difference!

Send your essay to kevinraychua@gmail.com and if possible, please include your picture, your current work and your location.

Thank you so much for supporting this campaign!


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on March 21, 2008 at 5:19 PM  

Hi Kevin. Cheers to your new blog. I hope you will still have time to have your personal one for friends to interact with you (outside of the Mar Roxas subject).

Kevin Ray
on March 21, 2008 at 9:28 PM  

Thanks Ma'am Janette! I know it would be a tough one and I'm willing to do this up to 2010 just to make Mar Roxas the next President of the Philippines.

Don't worry, I still have time to interact with my friends, do my studies and also playing some games.

Politics is my life and I spice it up with some things so that I wouldn't be viewed as a weird person.

on March 24, 2008 at 10:37 AM  

kung talagang nababasa to ni mar roxas,
I hope po na pag ikaw naging president wala na ung mga korean drama sa pinoy t.v pati ba naman sa t.v dayuhan na nangunguna
there is one thing that Filipinos and Koreans share, it’s their penchant for romantic comedies and hardcore drama. This is one of the reasons Korean dramas or Koreanovelas—as the local industry calls it—have a big following in the country.

They say we Filipinos are not really hard to please (or in our local term, “mababaw ang kaligayahan”). This is evident in our viewing habits. Remember the time when Pinoy viewers glued their eyes every afternoon to watch Anna Luna, Mara Clara, and their predecessor, Flordeluna, among other soap operas on TV? There were also the Latinovelas or Mexican telenovelas (some networks are still airing these ‘canned programs’ ). While these soaps had successful runs on TV, Filipinos soon grew tired of them.

So what is it about Koreanovelas that really caught the fancy of Pinoy viewers who, at one time, were suckers for local dramas?

The fall of local dramas

There came a time when local drama series shaped the viewing habits of Filipinos. But none of them seemed to have achieved what Koreans managed in terms of acting, storyline, and cinematography. And we’re only talking of made-for-TV dramas here.

For one, local dramas tend to plod along at a very slow pace (remember a soap where it took the lead actress two weeks just to realize that a diary holding the key to the identity of her daughter was on top of her TV set?), aside from creating subplots that are not really needed in the development of the story.

Although the trend has changed over the years—nowadays soaps are axed if they get a beating in the ratings game—their plots seem formulaic. Or maybe the reason earlier soaps were successful is because, during that time, there were no foreign programs to give them a run for their money.

It’s funny how the Korean invasion started. When ABS-CBN aired Meteor Garden starring Asia’s very own Fab Four, all eyes turned to watch the series from Taiwan. Soon other networks followed suit and before we knew it, television was swamped with so-called chinovelas—although some were not as popular.

Then as GMA-7 tested the waters of Korea to fish for notable TV dramas, the tides of TV viewing suddenly changed. Since the first few Koreanovelas like the Endless Love series, which featured Autumn in my Heart and Winter Sonata were aired, Filipinos instantly fell in love—even to the extent of being fanatics. We soon found ourselves referring to these stars by name (Park Shin Yang, Kim Jung Eun and Lee Dong Gun of Lovers in Paris, Rain and Song Hye-gyo of Full House, Ha Ji Won, Jo In Sung and So Ji Soop of Memories of Bali, and Jang Dong Gun and Chae Rim of all About Eve, among others) and trawling the stalls of Quiapo to buy photos and posters, not to mention boxed DVD sets of Stairway to Heaven and Jewel in the Palace.

And while no official word has been released, we’re pretty sure viewership of Arirang, the Korean cable channel, has grown by leaps and bounds (one only has to check the channel’s online forums to verify the Pinoy invasion.

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