China affirms respect for RP domestic laws in commercial deals

A top official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) today affirmed that it is the policy of Premier Wen Jiabao and the CPC that all Chinese firms must strictly abide by the domestic laws in the countries where they operate.

According to Senator Mar Roxas, CPC International Department Vice Minister Liu Hongcai made the affirmation this morning in the context of their frank and cordial discussions on the ZTE-NBN deal and the Spratlys controversy.

Vice Minister Liu’s statement is fair and timely, katulad ng pagrespeto ng ating mga kumpanya sa kanilang mga batas kapag pumasok sila sa Tsina,” he said.
Senior Liberal Party leaders led by Roxas and the visiting CPC delegation headed by Liu met for breakfast at the Hotel Sofitel this morning.

They understand very well our LP position that we must hold our own government officials accountable for anomalies or incompetence attendant to the ZTE-NBN and Spratlys controversies,” he said.

Naiintindihan nila na mahalaga para sa atin na malaman ang katotohanan sa likod ng ZTE-NBN deal. Sa kanila ang ZTE ay isang komersyal na transaksyon lamang, na hindi dapat makasira sa relasyon ng Pilipinas at Tsina,” he added.
During the meeting, Roxas said it was “unfortunate” that despite the goodwill and assistance extended by China to the Philippines and the rest of the countries in the region, China has been put in a “difficult situation” due to graft and corruption committed by certain Filipino officials.

We in the Philippines appreciate the help and goodwill of China, but we must make sure that our own domestic procedures are done properly. We cannot allow our officials to act to the detriment of our people and in the process erode the positive views and warm sentiments of Filipinos towards China,” he said.

Roxas also noted efforts in China to fight corruption in all aspects of government, which their President Hu Jintao has said is one of the biggest threats to the legitimacy and survival of the CPC. On the matter of the territorial dispute on the Spratlys group of islands, Roxas said the LP supports the principle that the South China Sea must be a “zone of prosperity and harmony”.

As there are other claimants in the area, our interest is to live together like good neighbors, coexist peacefully and find mutually beneficial solutions to our problems,” he said.

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At the same time, the LP’s interest is also to make sure that in all negotiations affecting the Spratlys issue, our government officials act in the best interest of Filipinos,” he added.

We in the LP will look at the Spratlys issue dispassionately and not use it for partisan political advantage,” he stressed.
During the meeting, both Roxas and Liu agreed to help promote closer ties between the LP and the CPC and to help strengthen economic, cultural and political relations between the Philippines and China. Liu has invited Roxas, as LP President, to visit China in the near future, for which Roxas expressed his warm appreciation.

Also present in the meeting for the LP were LP Secretary-General Joseph Emilio “Jun” Abaya, LP Director-General Camilo Miguel Montesa, National Institute for Policy Studies President Mario Taguiwalo and former 1987 Constitutional Commissioner Florangel Braid.

The CPC delegation also included Asian Bureau of the International Department Director-General Ail Ping and directors Zhang Xuyi and Rao Huihua, among others.

Liberal Party (LP) President Senator Mar Roxas discussed with Communist Party of China International Department Vice Minister Liu Hongcai how important it is to the Filipino people to hold Philippine officials accountable for the botched National Broadband Network (NBN) deal with ZTE Corp., in a meeting on Tuesday of officials of the LP and the CPC.According to Roxas, Vice Minister Liu has conveyed to him that it is their government's policy that all foreign corporations of China must abide by the rule of law in the countries where these operate; and that the ZTE issue is only a commercial transaction that should not bear down on the good standing relations of the Philippines and China. The two parties met upon the request of the CPC, to discuss ways to strengthen party-to-party relations.

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