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I have to share to all of you this e-mail to me from one of Mar Roxas for President in 2010 supporters who is Mr. Jimmy Mercado. I am very delighted to know that in my own small way, which is by blogging, I am able to contribute a lot in this great endeavor. Here's Mr. Mercado's e-mail:
Dear Kevin,

I am so glad of your being very active at your age in the choice of our new president in 2010. I've read all the updates or events that were sent to me through the ' MAR ROXAS for PRESIDENT in 2010', as we need these informations during our gatherings and interaction with other people. You didn't go wrong picking up on ' MAR ROXAS ', for he's the perfect choice.

His untainted image as a 'person' has put him on top, over all other presidential wannabees. Filipinos are already sicked and tired of dirty, controversial, and opportunistic people in government.

Barring all unforeseen situations in 2010, Villar is not only a possible opponent of our candidate, MAR ROXAS. Definitely he will be one of them, for he has to hang on his name as senate president, though by many, he was labeled as a 'non-performing asset' of the upper house.

Keep up the good job, Kevin. We need more energetic young people like you. I have e-mailed Senator Mar Roxas about the sending of his activities in my e-mail through the ' MAR ROXAS for PRESIDENT in 2010', and we look forward to establishing more support groups in his behalf, in this very critical 2010 battle.

It's nice to know you and more to our E-mail communications. GOD bless.................

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