Roxas: Admin has become numb to people's plight

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Senator Mar Roxas said the administration has become numb to the people's plight and clamor for relief in the face of the steep climb of world oil prices, which, at $106 a barrel, has cascaded down to domestic pump prices and jacked up the cost of other key commodities.
Manhid na ang Palasyo sa patuloy na hinaing ng taumbayan para sa ginhawa sa kabila ng pataas na pataas na presyo ng langis at ng iba pang mga bilihin; Tigilan na nila ang pagbibingi-bingihan sa mga panawagan para suspindihin ang 12% value-added tax sa langis,” he said.

Masyado na silang abala sa pag-‘manage’ ng krisis sa pulitika. Gumagastos sila—gamit ang pera ng bayan—para sa mga full-page ads sa diyaryo,” he added.

Makakain ba ang mga full page ads na ito? Tumaas na ang presyo ng pan de sal, ng manok at ng baboy sa palengke, at ang ginawa ng pamahalaan ay maglabas ng full page ads?” he lamented.

The government has done nothing else to follow up its ‘token’ actions, such as reducing oil tariffs and holding an Energy Summit that has failed to effectively stem the heavy impact of oil prices, he said, adding that transport groups are set out to hold a strike this week, which the government should heed as a warning of the rising disenchantment of the public,” he added.
Roxas, President of the Liberal Party, lamented that the administration has not only become numb to the people’s plight: it has also been preoccupied with “managing” the current political crisis and with stonewalling the truth behind bad deals.
It looks like the government is more intent on covering up for official mistakes or anomalies rather than helping out a jeepney driver on his daily trips, a fisherman using a motorboat, or a farmer operating a tractor save P4 per liter of diesel – which will be the immediate, concrete result of the lifting of the EVAT on oil,” he said.
Even as Congress is still deliberating on the proposed suspension of the 12% VAT on oil, the Palace has already rejected it, citing a potential revenue loss of P15 billion.
Hindi ordinaryo ang kasalukuyang panahon. Higit na kailangan ng mga mamimili ang pera nila kaysa gobyerno, lalo na kung napupunta lang ang buwis na ibinabayad nila sa katiwalian at kontrata tulad ng ZTE-NBN,” he said.
Both Roxas’ Senate Bill 1962 and its counterpart House Bill No. 3390 by LP Secretary-General and Cavite Rep. Joseph Emilio “Jun” Abaya are now pending at their respective Ways and Means Committees.

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on March 11, 2008 at 7:41 PM  

i think mar roxas can do good in our country with his good reputation and past performances in the senate that is for the good of our nation but then, i can say that bayani fernando can do good as well if we will give him the chance. if you'll look at what he has done for marikina, you can tell.

Kevin Ray
on March 12, 2008 at 12:55 PM  

Charlagne, I can give you time to decided. After all, 2010 is still 2 years away. We still don't know who's running and who's not. What we only know today are the persons who have intentions in seeking the Presidency this 2010.

on March 13, 2008 at 8:24 AM  

ok then. it's just my own point of view. because i believe that he can do much more in our nation. :)

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