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In their blog and comment to our post entitled Why Mar Roxas refuses to talk about his 2010 plans, the Team Gordon 2010 has issued an apology and explanation. Here's the complete text of it:

Hi Kevin,


Team Gordon admires your stand on an issue as crucial as the next presidency and your commitment to informing people about someone whom you believe will be truly right for the job. It is a noble commitment to think about your country's future and it is commendable that you are doing something to do what you think is best for your country.

If you will permit us, let us make our position clear.

There are those who dig at Roxas for being cautious in committing to one side or another of an issue. There are those who chide Roxas for keeping his positions on issues, including his bid for the Presidency, close to his chest or at least, indiscernible. On one hand, this keeps people wondering what he'll say or do -- becoming fodder for speculations which sometimes get played up in the media. On the other, even his supporters and followers urge him to make his position known. Some, with or without his 'go ahead', take positions for him and so he has the leeway to maneuver. (Depending on how you see it, his LP partymates were the ones who declared their support for him, if he runs for President -- declaring him as the frontrunner or standard bearer. Almost as if it was an attempt to create an impression that there is a clamor for him to run. And there is such a clamor, as much as there is a clamor for Loren, Noli, Ping, Manny Villar, and even Erap.)

This non-commitment is one thing about his character, which is neither good or bad in the grand scheme of politics (as nothing in politics is really good or bad in the moral sense), but is something we are not comfortable with. Is it a sign of weakness on his part or is it a sign of strength? I guess that will depend on the stand he finally takes, if he takes one.

In contrast, people take a dig at Dick Gordon for the stands he takes and he has a stand on a lot of things. This is something you have to expect of someone who is comfortable with being an Executive.

When he was mayor of Olongapo, he took a stand against moves to end the US bases treaty when the call of the times (the call of recently awakened Nationalism) was to end the treaty that was the lifeblood of Olongapo as well as other provinces in Region 3. He took a stand in insisting that Subic Bay be given a freeport status. He took a stand when he batted for Philippine tourism on the global stage, despite a laughable budget for tourism promotions... despite travel advsiories against the Philippines because of SARS and terrorism... Olongapo rose from the US bases pull out and rose from the ashes of Pinatubo... Subic Bay became tourism and investment destination... Philippine tourism experienced true resurgence, with international tourist arrivals growing every year...

A few days ago, he took a meaningful stand on the situation in Basilan and Sulu after he visited those provinces as Red Cross Chairman. He said people should stop calling Basilan, Sulu, and other areas in Mindanao as War Zones. He recommended for the DTI to start marketing agricultural produce from Basilan and Sulu, he advocated tourism promotion for those areas, he called for national government to beef up basic and social services to these islands. Invest in peace, he said. Perhaps only daring and compassion can put an end to decades old violent conflict. To be daring and compassionate, you have to take a stand.

Just today, he has taken a stand on the issue of whether or not to postpone barangay and SK elections, saying that he'll only consider postponing these elections if it will be automated. This is a stand he took when he filed the Automated Elections bill and worked to get it passed. He fought for its implementation during the 2007 elections and continues to fight for its implementation so that we can finally end problems like 'Hello Garci'... Making investigations future investigations into the 'wire tap controversy' unnecessary.

Leaders rise and fall on the stands they make... Without a stand, you cannot lead...
You can choose to publish this comment and if not, we'll understand.

Team Gordon 2010
And actually, I published their comment. In their blog, I also sent my comment on their response on that issue and here's what I said:

Greetings of peace to TEAM GORDON 2010!

I would like to express also my deep regret for taking the issue seriously in a satiric blog. When I was reading on your comment, it was like an offense not only against Mar Roxas but to his supporters. I had already posted your comment on the "controversial post" and I already accepted your apology.

We have diverse beliefs on who should be in Malacañang by 2010, but we have a common vision, and that is to help our compatriots choose the right leader that would lead our motherland. You're for Dick Gordon and I'm for Mar Roxas.

We're in a democratic country that's why it's hard to achieve unity. We respect each other's views and there's nothing wrong with that. I hope that we would not resort into smearing campaign because we are all Filipinos.

I was just concerned on the Senators or any other people out there who have presidential ambitions because they can't perform their functions properly. Anything they will do would be viewed as early campaigning. That makes me concerned actually.

I hope that this issue would now come to rest. We are the pioneers of the 2010 presidential elections Blogging campaign! BTW, I had already linked your site to the Philippine 2010 elections in Wikipedia.

Once again, PEACE!


Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger

Your campaign, Team Gordon 2010, is now on the roll. Dick Gordon has already expressed his interest on the Presidency, but Mar Roxas has still not. I had already talked with Mar Roxas but he not yet said to me that he is indeed running. What I'm doing here is based on my own and those who are for Mar Roxas as President in 2010. If he decides to run, then it would be great. If not, then it's OK!

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