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This is reaction to Mr. Manny's comment on my post "Palengke Tours & Joey-Willie Clash." Before I rebut his comment, here is the text of Mr. Manny's comment:
"Honorable Kevin Ray Chua,
Press Secretary of Mar Roxas


Bay, halatang batang bata ka pa talaga at masyado kang nagpapaniwala sa propaganda ng idol mo.

Baka naman sabihin mo na nung tumakbo si Mister Palengke nung 2004 eh mababa talaga ang presyo ng mga bilihin at nagmura ang mga gamot.

Para sabihin ko sa iyo, at baka gaya ng idol mo eh hindi ka masyadong nakakapunta sa palengke, mahal po ang bilihin nuong 2004 at lalong mas mahal ngayon.

Sige, kanta ka na ng hoy hoy hoy!
Thanks a lot for your comment Mr. Manny and thanks for making me as an Honorable Press Secretary of Senator Mar Roxas although I'm still a college student.

I think, he reacted on my statement wherein I said:
"A person might say that he's a good Senator because he's really going to the markets and seeing whether the basic commodities' prices are stable..."
What I really mean is that, he's been doing this palengke (market) tours since he was a DTI Secretary. It's not an assurance that when he visits a market, the prices of the basic commodities will go down. He is there to monitor the prices and see if these products are in a reasonable prices during the time of his visit or not. When he sees that some products have increased there prices, he would immediately trace the source of it. It might be from a typhoon, a disaster, oil price hike, new tax measure, or just overpricing.

Again, thanks for making me the press secretary of Senator Mar Roxas... LOL!

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