How much are our 2010 Presidentiables (except the VP)?

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Here's the current amount of our 2010 Presidentiables (The Senators Leagues and except VP Noli De Castro) based on their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

1st Placer... Manny Villar - P921.4 million
After all, as what I and Peter Laviña agree, MONEY can't make MANNY VILLAR President. He's might be generous, but he's stingy.

2nd Placer... Jamby Madrigal - P148.9 million
She's silent on her 2010 plans. She might run for President... who knows?

3rd Placer... Mar Roxas - P140.3 million
No question after all. Having the Araneta and Roxas on his side. He's truly the man to beat this 2010.

10th Placer... Loren Legarda - P41.4 million
No. 1 sa Senado might not be No. 1 sa Malacañang race at all.

13th Placer... Chiz Escudero - P7.4 million
A young and promising one. I am a Team Chiz member but I think it's too early for him to run for President. Maybe, he should run VP nalang.

16th Placer... Ping Lacson - P25.8 million
His 2nd try might make him in the 3rd place again...

17th Placer... Dick Gordon - P25.6 million
If Dick Gordon is indeed running, he should save for the rainy seasons. A presidential campaign is very costly in the Philippines.

Here's a logical explainer of the 2010 Presidentiables net worth. Have fun!:

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