Roxas' exposé on OFW trafficking confirmed by Cimatu

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After Senator Mar Roxas exposed the alleged OFW trafficking in Iraq by the "First Kuwait International", Special envoy Roy Cimatu and Foreign Affairs Undersecretaries Esteban Conejos Jr and Rafael Seguis had confirmed that indeed, the OFW trafficking exposé was in existent.
The unabated recruitment of Filipino workers to Iraq, despite the government’s deployment ban, is alarming, especially since they are being made to work long hours under extremely stressful conditions," Roxas said.
Senator Roxas has urged the Department of Labor and Employemnt (DOLE) to look into the continued recruitment of Filipino workers by such firms as First Kuwaiti International after his exposé was confirmed by no less than the Department on Foreign Affairs.

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on September 21, 2007 at 10:59 AM  


I read your blog regularly.

I have even commented several times pointing out the horrendous grammatical errors everywhere, even in your headings.

Please, for the sake of your cause, and for the image of Roxas, GET A PROOFREADER.

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