Red Mobile is now available on 2G; still has the cheapest / lowest call rates

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Do you know the only prepaid network that has the cheapest / lowest call rates in the Philippines today? Well guess what, you should know about this. Red Mobile offers the cheapest / lowest call rates with only P 0.50 using any phone with a Red Mobile SIM card. Now, that's a big deal for texters like me and YOU!

red FLAME is an ultra slim 3G handset from Red Mobile. It has a 60MB internal memory and an external MicroSD/ TransFlash card expansion slot that’s perfect for all your downloads. And the best thing is, red Flame is also capable of video calling, MMS sending and Web browsing.

When it was launched in November 2008, it was made to operate for 3G phones but now, good news! Red Mobile has just announced that it has opened its door to 2G phone users of Red Mobile because of the Filipinos growing demand for cheapest / lowest call rates in this time of crisis.
"Cellphones have been the defining mode of communication in the country because of its practicality and mobility," says Red Mobile Product Manager Darvin Sy Su.

"By expanding the scope of our services to 2G handsets, more consumers among the estimated 14 to 16 million Filipino mobile phone users will enjoy the competitive rates offered by our network."
As what I told you, Red Mobile offers the cheapest / lowest call rates both SMS and MMS among other networks, but it does not compromise good quality communications. Its value and good service stems from the fact that Red Mobile is using the same telecommunication infrastructures and technology of SMART. This means that Red Mobile will be powered by 8,477 cellsites – the widest in the Philippine mobile network industry.
red SPARK, also from Red Mobile, lets you enjoy the ease and speed of 3G in one easy and handy package. red SPARK has all the basic features of a mobile phone with the added advantage of having 3G capabilities anchored on a simple and user-friendly interface.

Although it’s not spewing out "unlimited", which has been the buzz word in mobile prepaid networks for the last six years, Sy Su is confident that Red Mobile still offers a lot that the "unli" thing.
"Numerous published and unpublished materials have documented subscribers’ complaints regarding unlimited mobile services – spotty coverage, weak signals, and dropped calls. The concept of being unlimited is negated because consumers cannot use it as they want to."
So, if you are finding a great value for your money, then get a Red Mobile SIM card now, the only network that gives you the cheapest / lowest call rates not just for 3G phones, but also for 2G phones!

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