Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger and CBS with Yehey at La Maison

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The Yehey bloggers event at La Maison in Ayala Center Cebu was somewhat confusing to me. Lucky enough that I was able to go online a few hours before the event started. I thought that the 6 PM time was OK but I was surprised to saw the post that it was moved to 4 PM, and it was already 3:40 PM on the clock! Yikes! I've got to go to the event ASAP so I ride a taxi (which I don't use to because "nagtitipid ako"). I was praying that my P100 was just enough to reach the venue because that was only my money, and thank God, when I arrived, P92.50 was on the taxi meter! Whew!

Cebu Bloggers after the event with Yehey at La Maison. Photo courtesy of Evan John Mendoza

I'm glad to meet Yehey's Kankan and Elaine who facilitated the event. Also, Yehey's Owner/CEO Donald Lim who shared to us a PowerPoint presentation about the aspects of the internet stats and Yehey blogger events. It's their first time to do this in Cebu and La Maison was the first to do this for us.

Below are the foods that we ate (Yum! Yum!):

I really love this one! It's sooooo yummy especially the way it had been made.
I love this one also though it was somewhat sour that made my stomach go sour. But still, yum yum!
The four-some meal! Of all the four, I love the rice thingy and the beef strips. Soooo good!
Ahhh! The crispy pizza! You'll surely love this as I did. It's tasty but it also break easily. I wanted to do it the finger food way, but I can't because it was brittle.
Photos courtesy of Evan John Mendoza

I look forward for upcoming events like this! It makes my appetite go wild! LOL

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3 Responses So far
Kelvin Servigon
on May 30, 2009 at 11:32 PM  

sarap naman ng mga pagkain... ^___^

on May 30, 2009 at 11:59 PM  

i lav the kato fish with olive and tomato.. :P

Kevin Ray
on May 31, 2009 at 2:36 PM  

Yup Kelvin! Nakakatakam yung mga pagkain na inihanda ng La Maison sa amin. I was wondering kung may tatapat pang ibang restaurant on a bloggers event with that kind of taste. Not all of their foods are yummy for me though.

Asa ana ang Kato Fish with olive and tomato Van?

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