One Blog, One Goal, One Year PART IV

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I'm not a perfect blogger and so does everyone. I also make mistakes and sometimes, those are magnified especially that I'm blogging about this which requires a lot of vocabulary, knowledge and everything. I had already expected that by making this blog, criticisms would also come in tidal waves aside from the praises. As we all know, some of the Filipinos are allergic about talking the "2010" thing. They immediately say "politicking", "electioneering", "early campaigning", "too early", and so much more which I can't be able to list down in this post.

Yes, the blog is an early bird but it's never early to think about the future. Some of the things that encouraged me then to blog more is first, when I met Davao City Councilor Peter Laviña who is the blogger of A Liberal in Malacañang in 2010 and second, when my blog was mentioned in Inquirer.Net's article entitled Battle looming between LP and NP for presidency in 2010 which tells that one of the signs about the Mar Roxas 2010 movement include the sprouting of Roxas for president spots in cyberspace like my blog. Mr. Laviña can't believe that a young boy like me would be very socially involved. I told him, it's my passion.

Some blogs had also reviewed my blog. Mr. Laviña, in his blog post, described the blog as "a most welcome initiative". Dexter Panganiban in his Halalan-2007 Blog, talks about the blog and described it as a blog where you can get the "latest information regarding Mar Roxas". This blog was also mentioned in Ria Jose post asking would it be Mar Roxas in 2010?.

"The next elections will most likely be an affirmation of the power of blogs" says Atty. Fred Bertulfo Pamaos, blogging in Atty-At-Work, in his blog post and declaring that the 2010 Presidential elections is on. Dateline Davao in its post is quite "suspicious" (if I may use the term) whether I'm doing this blog on my own or this is a part of Senator Mar Roxas' political strategy but tells their readers to "watch out for his blog as it may just deliver what it purports to do---put Roxas in Malacañang."

Marvin Trilles of Trashvin Blog just stumbled upon my blog and told his blog readers that "it is my first time to see a blog site with political campaign motive behind." That's what I was telling you all. First impressions about the blog may turn out to be negative. But after surfing the blog, he says that "I see this type of movement as informative and promising as long as the information in it are reliable and true." I have assured Mr. Trilles that my blog is nothing more and nothing less. What I talk about here is making the people know why Sen. Roxas deserves to be our next President. Then, there's the Blog Reviewer which gives free blog reviews. I submitted to them my blog and they made a post about what they think about my blog. It "will be one of the blogs to dominate the campaign for the said presidentiable," the blog post says. That's nice to hear.

Then, there goes the criticisms:

I can't really specify everything, but here are two common criticisms thrown against Senator Mar Roxas, the blog and the blogger.
  1. They say I was paid to blog for Senator Roxas which is completely absurd. I did this blog because it was my passion and my hobby. I was never in contact with the Senator then although now, I can reach him already because he called me when he saw the blog. Even if we can now communicate with each other, there's no pressure from him. I blog with my own.
  2. They say Senator Mar Roxas was silent during 2004-2007 and only making noises now as 2010 comes to a close, which I think is a senseless accusation. They might be listening from him too much now than before when he wasn't a hot item for 2010. Senator Roxas has been very active in the Senate since he was elected.
I think that's all. I'm just thinking what to do next. By the way, next Tuesday will already be our 1st Year Anniversary. I hope you can drop by the blog and send me some greetings. Thanks!

To be continued this July 29, 2008...

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The Islander
on July 23, 2008 at 6:10 PM  

whatever it takes, i will definitely support mar roxas and initiatives like this. i believe in his capacity and capability. it was much fueled by his tax exemption move for the minimum wage earners who are in great percentage of the population.

Kevin Ray
on July 23, 2008 at 9:11 PM  

It's nice to hear that you, The Islander, is supporting Mar Roxas for President in 2010 "whatever it takes." You made a good decision and I hope you can help me spread the word about our initiative: to put Mar Roxas in Malacañang by 2010.

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