Loren, Chiz firm up tandem; so who's for Mar if not Chiz?

Now that Senator Chiz Escudero has said that if ever he's not running for President in 2010, during an interview with Manila Times' reporter Efren Danao, he would be supporting Senator Loren Legarda for the position. It's understandable because they are both from Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC), for now. So, who's for Senator Mar Roxas if not Chiz?

Hopes are not yet dimming of having a Mar-Chiz tandem. Chiz is one of the best choice as Mar's tandem for 2010 according to the blog's poll. But in case we forget, there are also Senators Kiko Pangilinan and Noynoy Aquino who belong to Mar's party (Liberal Party). They can't be discarded in Mar's VP choices. As they call it, they are the true-blue Liberals, and it would be a disappointment to the party if Mar chooses a non-insider running-mate.

Although it seems this team-up is an impossibility (MAR is from the Liberal Party, while Chiz is from the Nationalista Party/UNO), I trust the political old hands in both parties will see the wisdom in joining forces. It is time for the youth to take over the reins of political power in this country and show the disenfranchised among the voters that there is hope after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and traditional politics.
Hmm... she has a point! Let's just wait and see as 2010 comes to a near.

Carlo Ople, in his blog, mentioned that Mar was considering Chiz to be his running-mate: the main reason why there's an ongoing rift with Mar and Kiko. Kiko, whose real first name is Francis, has long been nursing his VP dreams and he thought it would be not acceptable if Mar chooses the other Francis (Chiz).

Because Kris Aquino would run as senator and the quid pro quo might be Noynoy getting the VP candidacy. Do not underestimate Kris -- she will run away with the top slot in the senatorial race, by a landslide! So Korina will raise one hand of Mar, and the other will be raised by Kris.
I'm still having doubts on whether Kris would really run for Senator. Will she?

For Mar, the field is still wide open. If Chiz would not run with Mar, Kiko and Noynoy are available. Not to mention other people who are also gunning for the position. To all my blog readers, who do you think would be Mar's best VP tandem and why? I would welcome your comments very much!

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Planet Markus
on July 19, 2008 at 2:17 AM  

I'm really not certain about Dick Gordon's 2010 plans but personally, I've always admired the guy. He has a big heart for serving people and helping the poor rise above their present state by encouraging them and teaching them about self-reliance principles. They'd be quite a tandem, at least for me.

Kevin Ray
on July 20, 2008 at 1:55 PM  

Dick Gordon might be an improbable choice for Mar this time Planet Markus, but who knows! Gordon might be disappointed to the administration if he won't be chosen as it's standard-bearer.

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