One Blog, One Goal, One Year PART III

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After I launched my blog, I was in a situation on how to properly balance my college education and my online blogging. It was prioritizing two priorities. Indeed, it changed my life. It's like having a committment online and having another committment also offline.

I must tell you that it's hard. There are days that I am not able to post blog articles due to my class schedule. Sometimes, using Blogger Draft, I create a blog post in advance and it will automatically post on my specified time and date.

I'm quite busy now that I'm running as College of Computer Studies (CCS) Representative for the Supreme Student Government of our college and one of my proposals is to bring our organization to the blogosphere. In this way, we can be able to bridge the online presence of the college students. Then there's our monthly major exams (prelim, midterm, pre-final, and final) which really makes everyone of us study hard in the entire semester. I also avoid being addicted too much on internet especially the pleasure it brings. With just one click, you can do almost everything. There are times that I think of not going to class just to respond to my pleasure. At the end, I always choose to choose the right one.

My cellphone has also a lot of contact numbers of Mar Roxas 2010 supporters and fellow bloggers. I am in contact with them and I am glad to have expanded my circle of friends. These and other things have really changed my life. My classmates would even tease me that I am now an extraordinary student! C'mon, are they joking? What do you think?

Never did it crossed my mind that time will come and I will be in this position. I never realized before that blogging would be the one that would bridge me to different people and express my advocacy to the farthest reach of the internet. Indeed, times have changed and someday, I would be the one running in the position of the Presidency.

In my next blog post, I will be talking about the praises and criticisms that I received because of this. That's one thing the also changed my life. 

To be continued this July 22, 2008...

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on July 16, 2008 at 1:11 AM  


i think you should prioritize your studies first..


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