Will Mar Roxas Run in 2010?

Is Senator Mar Roxas running for President this 2010? That's the question that bother his core of supporters.

Will Mar Roxas run in 2010? Why can’t you guys take “no” for an answer?

As of this time, he has never said "NO", thus giving us the wider opportunity. He reiterates that 2010 is still far away and who knows what would happen.

I am not a protégé of Senator Mar Roxas nor I know about his plans for 2010 whether he would run for President or launch a re-election bid as senator. Thus, I can't surely tell you that he will run for President in 2010. But, I must tell you that he never said that he won't run for President in 2010 -- only that he has "no plans" to run in 2010 right now. Maybe he's still soul searching.

I admit that 2010 is still far away but change and hope can't be long enough. Starting this early doesn't mean that it's already final. Who knows what would happen now up to 2010. I trust that when he does run for President, he will make an announcement to the Filipino people considering his dedication to service as House Representative of Capiz, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary and Senator of the Republic. I believe that he’ll answer the call to service of his people and run for President.

What are the goals of this blog?
  1. We hope to demonstrate to Senator Mar Roxas the groundswell of support he enjoys among the Filipino people down to the grassroots level;
  2. We'll present him the signatories of the online petition that urges him to run for President in 2010 so he can hit the ground running should he declare his candidacy;
  3. We hope to persuade him that it's a moral imperative that he run in 2010.
Senator Mar Roxas is being called back by popular demand now as a presidential candidate and we're giving a voice to that demand.

Do you communicate with Senator Mar Roxas or his office?

Yes, I admit. His chief-of-staff Susan Ople noticed this blog and right away, gave me a call. But, I must assure you, that this blog is not backed or funded by anyone connected to Senator Roxas. The creation of this blog was solely my decision to air the outpouring support among people of all political persuasions at the grassroots level.

Is Senator Mar Roxas aware of your efforts and if so, what's his response?

Yes, Senator Roxas is aware of this blog and its efforts. I have already talked to him through cellphone and he has been very thankful of my support.

He has encourage my efforts in any way ranging from using blogging, Friendster, Youtube, Eventful, Petitionspot and etc. But he has also consistently declined to object, comment, or stop my initiatives. That in itself is a positive response.

One poll shows Senator Loren Legarda in the lead. What chance would Senator Roxas have to edge her out?

His odds would be very excellent. Pulse Asia's survey that was conducted between June 28 and July 10, 2007 with a total of 1,800 respondents nationwide showed indeed that Senator Legarda had a net trust rating of 71% but don't discount Senator Roxas because he had a net trust rating of 58%. That's a difference of 13%! Poll numbers don't increase sharply overnight. As days, weeks, months and years past, these poll numbers would change dramatically.

As what I have said again and again, 2010 is still far away and who knows what would happen. Senator Legarda might just give way to Senator Roxas and run for Vice President instead. The voters know him, support him and understand that he's the most electable potential presidential candidate.

What are your odds of success? How will you change Senator Mar Roxas' mind when powerful politicians could not?

Like his late grandfather former President Manuel Acuña Roxas and his late father former Senator Gerardo Roxas, Senator Mar Roxas is a patriot and a populist. He is more likely to heed the genuine show of support from the people than request from politicians.

I know that we, together with his supporters, are fighting against difficult odds. There is an increasing list of potential presidential candidates like Manny Villar, Ping Lacson, Loren Legarda, Dick Gordon, Noli de Castro and more to come. But history will tell us that no big or significant movement ever started with good and easy odds.

We need to persuade him to run for President in 2010 for he has the vision, leadership and strength to do it not because he is rich but because he is the right man for the job. We also need to persuade the people to institute change and have an impact on this election by encouraging Senator Mar Roxas to run for President.

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on November 5, 2007 at 6:51 PM  

ang aga nito ha.. pero okay go mar! hehe

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