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As of this blogging, 95 people have already signed the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Online Petition, which I think is still few given the time of existence of the said online petition. But with your help in spreading the word, we can be able to gather more support from the people. Please tell your friends about it, if you have a blog then make an article about it, or send the online petition link to your friends through e-mail.

Here are the thoughts of some signatories of the online petition:

Architect Rene G. Caldeo said...

"Sen. Mar Roxas is a Potential Candidate, yet he may or may not win for 2010 as history will repeat between FPJ."

Flor Beramo said...

"We need a young, dynamic, brilliant, economic and management wizard in the person of Sen. Mar Roxas to lead our country to a better, livable tomorrow. Sen. Mar also possesses a unique, strong warm charisma by which he can easily establish rapport to our people including the aged, the middle-aged, and the young citizenry. His advocacy, focus and special concerns not only on the agenda of trade and industry but more so on the down-to-earth day-to-day economics known to and are relevant to the common tao - the economic condition in the market place -is what make Sen. Mar Roxas set apart from all the rest of the lot in the politics at large in our country. His vision is not to reach the unreachable or set down a package of high sounding technical programs which our people cannot relate to in terms of saving some pesos and centavos aimed at improving their economic life. He is a simple pragmatic man whom every Juan de la Cruz in all the rural and urban byways and highways would direly need and want to deliver our country and people from their never-ending woes."

Mabel A. Toledo said...

"I really admire Mar ever since he was not yet in the senate. He is a man of dignity and wisdom that the Philippines needs. Senator Roxas is worthy to be called the next president!"
Eilene Chavez said...

"Mar Roxas will be the best President since he came from CLEAN politician family."
Lee de Leon said...

"No other one qualified to lead us to better times ahead. Only MAR Roxas can improve the lives of Filipinos. Please support him."

Rosy Yotoko-Valencia said...

"Fellow Capiznon, let's unite and support Mar Roxas to be the next President of the Philippines. Mabuhay si Mar!"

Estelle Osorio said...

"He's the only one I'd entrust the position to. :) MAR ROXAS FOR 2010!"
Gerry Eusebio said...

"May iba pa ba tayong pagpipilian para sa 2010? Mar Roxas na - Mr. Palengke na!"
To sign the online petition, please visit www.petitionspot.com/petitions/marroxas2010

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