Alfredo Rosario on Sen. Mar Roxas

In his column today in the Manila Times, Mr. Alfredo Rosario elaborates why Senator Mar Roxas is "a formidable contender for the presidency."

Here's an except of his column:
[...] Many believe that the senator possesses all the political advantages in seeking the country’s top post within the gift of the Filipino people. They see him as a formidable contender for the presidency.

First, he enjoys the advantage of name recall, being a scion of a well-known family. His mother, Judy Araneta Roxas, belongs to the affluent Araneta clan. He has a distinguished political record. In 1993, he ran for congressman in the first district of Capiz and won handily. Later he became the House majority leader and eventually Cabinet member as Trade secretary.

He surprised the whole nation with his extreme popularity in 2004 when he ran for the Senate and topped the race with an overwhelming 20 million votes, a record still unmatched in the history of the Senate.

Roxas has the political machine and the logistics to support a long and expensive campaign. The LP is one of the oldest political parties with grassroots organizations all over the country.

Above all, he has the integrity and passion for work. His educational, moral and leadership credentials have projected him as an articulate, intelligent and dignified person. He does not wear his social superiority on his sleeve and interacts with his fellowmen with humility and grace.

The central theme of his public life has always been the promotion of the national interest and the people’s welfare as evidenced by legislation he has authored and his innovations in job creation and consumers protection. His reputation has preceded him and earned him the recognition of the international community as “one of the global leaders of tomorrow” and “one of the young leaders in politics and business who will bring Asia and the Pacific to the forefront of world affairs. [...]

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