Sen. Roxas supports PGMA on axing ZTE deal

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Just this 7:36 AM this morning, I received a text from Sen. Mar Roxas' chief-of-staff Susan Ople and she relayed to me this statement from Sen. Roxas about the cancellation of the ZTE deal. (NOTE: I am not connected with Sen. Roxas' office. I am not dictated by the Senator's office nor his office staff on what to and not to blog. I am just having a contact with Sen. Roxas' chief-of-staff Susan Ople so that I would know the latest on Sen. Roxas' schedule, news, interviews, etc.)
"President Arroyo acted wisely in cancelling the ZTE contract. This will save the nation from further international embarrassment and domestic turmoil. This project should never have been started nor approved in the 1st place.

The procurement law has to be improved by ensuring all govt. projects have to go thru bidding and/or check n balance processes.
The Senate trade committee w/c I chair shall continue to pursue this issue in aid of legislation. We need to tighten the approval process for foreign-aided and funded projects to protect the people's money and prevent this politico-diplomatic fiasco from ever happening again.

Cancellation is the appropriate action given that

(i) the NBN is not our priority right now

(ii) what was approved was contrary to the govt's policy of no loans, no govt. gtees, private sector driven n user pay

(iii) full transparency in all govt. procurement
, and;

(iv) that this has been surrounded by bribery charges n controversy

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