Mar and Korina, is it a deal or no deal?

Last October 17, Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez, both topnotchers in their own fields, played in ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Deal or No Deal together with host Kris Aquino (who is also rumored as a potential vice presidential candidate in 2010).

Mar said that they were playing for the Golden Acres in honor of his maternal grandmother Doña Ester Araneta, who died at the age of 94 just this year. They decided to choose briefcase number 15.

In the 1st round, it was a good one because they were able to eliminate small amounts of money and were offered with P51, 000 by the banker. But during the 2nd round, Mar chose briefcase number 16 which unfortunately turned out to be the case of the P 2 million prize. Mar and Korina both expressed hope that they would still be able to open low amounts and even had there sweet moments in order to ease the tensions. Banker’s offer though was not at all-time low as what Mar predicted that it would have been about P30, 000. Kris said that the banker was a Korina fan! Whew! The offer was P50, 000 and still they did not deal.

During the 3rd round, it was good at first until it was Korina’s turn. She chose briefcase number 13 which was held by Charmelle. Mar and Korina know Charmelle’s record in KDOND but forgot to see her until the briefcase was opened. Charmelle is the feared and well-known briefcase girl for holding briefcases with high amounts of money. It was the P 3 million case! Kris made a statement that really made me hear 2010 in my ears. She lamented that even our “future president” wasn’t able to overcome Charmelle. I’m optimistic that Kris would endorse Mar Roxas for President if he decides to run in 2010 given that statement. Back to the game, the banker made an offer of P 2, 139. Though small, Kris relayed to Mar what the banked said that it was a significant digit. It was the Senate bill number of Mar’s cheaper medicines bill.

By the succeeding rounds, they were able to do great having a banker’s offer of P 112, 000, P 175, 000 and P 175, 100 during the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds respectively. But during the 7th round, they decided to open briefcase number 20 which contained the P 1 million prize thus, the banker’s offer went down to P 37, 000. Mar and Korina still decided not to deal with the banker’s offer. In the 8th round, they were lucky to open a small amount. Banker’s offer then was P 75, 000. The last remaining big amount was only P 250, 000. Mar then said that he and Korina promised to give P 75, 000 to the Golden Acres no matter what happens in the game. Still, they decided to continue with the game and unfortunately, they opened briefcase number 9 which contained the last remaining big amount. So, the banker’s offer was down to P 100.

At the end of the game, they realized that the briefcase they chose, which was number 15, contained only P 10. But they had no regrets. They even expressed that the game was really fun. Kris said that it was OK, because ‘if you are not lucky in this game, you are lucky in love’. She even told them to invite her in the wedding. What a game!

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