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Welcome to Workers for Mar Roxas

Workers who have continued to support Mar Roxas' plan in helping them cope with the hard times and defending them. As what Roxas said on his one-time tax rebate proposal "It's better to give back to the people their hard-earned money at this time of hardship."

It's time of us that we have a President that knows how the economy works. We need a real economist. Mar Roxas is a true economist and understands on how it make it better for the working Juan dela Cruz, especially the workers both in private and public.

Use this site to access talking points on Mar Roxas' positions and track record, to spread the word, and to involve your family and friends in this movement.

Bring Mar Roxas' message to your respective community today by creating your own chapter of Workers for Mar Roxas! E-mail me at to include your chapter in the list.


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