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The Problem

VAT on Oil: The Government has continued to impose Value-Added tax on oil and refused to approve any measure that would remove the said tax from it despite the knowledge that it greatly affects the prices of oil sold here in the Philippines.

Arroyo administration's "half-baked" implementation of RA 9504: The Bureau of Internal Revenue, under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, with Revenue Regulations No. 10-2008, particularly the provisions providing for only a half-year exemption for minimum wage earners, and the limited scope of minimum wage earners eligible for the tax relief has betrayed the law and the people, especially the minimum wage earners.

Documentary Stamp tax on OFW remittances: The 0.15% documentary stamp tax imposed on Overseas Filipino Workers' (OFW) remittances is an additional burden for them and for their families at home especially during times when the Peso appreciates from the foreign currency.

Mar Roxas' Action

One time tax rebate: Roxas has pushed for tax rebates as a stimulus package to help workers cope with the global financial meltdown's effect on the local economy. He proposed in Senate Bill No. 2689 to provide a one-time P5,000 tax rebate for the country's 2 million fixed-income earners that would augment workers' incomes, which they themselves will use for their own priorities, such as paying tuition fees for their children, housing loan payments, medicines and other healthcare purchases, among others.

Implement RA 9504 properly: Roxas being the principal author of the law wants to make it a point that he would properly implement Republic Act 9504 (Tax Exemption Law on Minimum Wage Earners) unlike under the Arroyo administration that delivered a "half-baked" tax exemption on minimum wage earners for the year 2008.

Remove Documentary Stamp tax on OFW remittances: By filing Senate Bill No. 2479 which aims to remove the Documentary Stamp tax paid by Overseas Filipino Workers through remittances, Roxas wants to let them have the supposedly taxed amount in order to help them cope with their daily lives.

No to Text Tax: Roxas has vowed to oppose any proposal to tax on popular text messaging services on mobile phones and called it as "rubbing salt into the wound."

Mar Roxas' Record

Record of Advocacy: Senator Roxas has helped push for the passage for the law Exempting Minimum Wage Earners from Income Tax (Republic Act 9504) being its principal author that would provide minimum wage earners in the private sector, as well as government workers with the equivalent of a minimum wage salary, with an additional take-home pay of P34 per day, or P750 per month, by exempting them from income taxes. It also increases the personal exemptions of all individual taxpayers.

He also advocated for the removal of the value-added tax imposed on oil during the height of oil crisis in order to provide a short-term relief on the Filipino consumers.

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